Love is…God is love!

15 Feb


One of my favorite verses is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever will believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” It’s a verse many people have heard. My question is, “Do we believe it?

Let’s unpack this verse a little…get cozy…we are going to pull it apart and hopefully allow each part to saturate our hearts.

God so loved the world. The verse doesn’t say God was so angry with the world, perplexed, frustrated, disappointed, irritated, filled with wrath. It says He so loved the world. Let that sink in. God so loves the world. It’s not just regular human love and affection. It’s a passionate, willing to risk and sacrifice Himself for the world! God so loves you! God so loves every person created, and with an everlasting love.

That He gave His only begotten Son. Love gives. If love costs us nothing, it means nothing. The very nature of agape love is that it is selfless. The Father didn’t pick some random person or animal to be the atonement for sin (this wouldn’t work anyway since a perfect, spotless sacrifice was needed to take away the sins of the world), He sent His Son. He sent His only Son. I don’t have children, but I can’t imagine sending my child into a sinful world. I’d probably say, “Do over! Adam and Eve blew it! Let’s start over and let’s remove this tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Aren’t you glad I’m not in charge? I sure am!

God didn’t rid the world of Adam and Eve. He gave them consequences, which is loving. He covered their nakedness, and through His Son provided a way for all to be reconciled to Him.

Whosoever will believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. I don’t want to get into the theological debate over predestination; we don’t choose God, He chooses us…some people won’t be saved. Let’s sit that aside for another day. I’d like to focus on two things.

1. Faith in Jesus is the key to salvation. Unlike many other beliefs, we don’t earn salvation or righteousness from God. We couldn’t if we tried. We can’t do enough good works to become holy and wash away our sins. Jesus paid the price, cleanses us of our unrighteousness, makes us new, and gives us His righteousness to call our own. Faith leads to good works. Good works do not save us. So any person (whosoever) that entrusts their life to Jesus and believes in Him, can find life. The Gospel is inclusive. The Gospel is Good News!

No matter how messed up we are, we can get a clean slate in Christ. Our sinful debt paid in full! God loves the world and made a way for all to have the ability to know Him and be reconciled to Him. Truth is-all have sinned (except Jesus) and the penalty for sin is death. Sin is like cancer, it destroys it’s host. God said, “I will be the cure. No need to earn it, or jump through hoops. Just believe in My Son and what’s He’s done for you. Believe. Receive!”

2. Eternal life. This life is the shortest amount of time we will live. God offers us eternal life with Him. There will be no pain, no sorrow, no sickness, no loss, and we will behold Him in all of His glory! What love is this? It’s amazing love!

So my friends, I hope you rest in God’s unfailing love. His love never fails and daily He’s pursuing your heart to reveal more of Himself. We are not changed into His likeness by striving. Every time we behold Him, we are being transformed. Intimacy with God is the key to loving like Him. He longs to pursue us, love us, wow us, empower us, teach us, encourage us, correct us to help us become all He created us to be. May we live loved!


Love gives
Love forgives
Love is kind
Love takes it’s time
Love protects
Love respects
Love honors
Love sacrifices
Love covers
Love encourages
Love corrects
Love gives consequences
Love sets boundaries
Love is selfless
Love cherishes
Love brings freedom
Love wants the best
Love believes in you
Love chooses you
Love looks out for you
Love supports you
Love empowers you
Love stands by you
Love is committed to you
Love is faithful
Love tells the truth
Love expels fear
Love wipes your endless tears
Love is humble
Love stoops down low
Love is….
God is love!

Next post I will hopefully unpack some of the verses about God’s wrath. I get plenty of twitter messages saying I’m unbalanced because I don’t talk about God’s anger with sin. God hates sin not just because He’s holy, but because sin destroys who and what He loves; people. He is a God of justice. That justice flows out of love. Our views of love are quite tainted. Stay tuned for more on this topic.

Love you friends, mean that sincerely. You are carried in my heart and my prayers. You are and will always be, deeply loved (John 3:16).


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2 responses to “Love is…God is love!

  1. Terry Williams

    February 15, 2014 at 10:57 am


    The reason why I asked the question is very important for the hearer to understand that to believe is something even Devils do but still deny the truth. But he that believeth carries the idea if you will, of one who continues to believe as an action word. So I am simply saying if I truly believe in GOD my actions will demonstrate this fact.
    Matthew 3:8 being therefore fruits meet for repentance. Jesus required proof.

    • Erin Lamb

      February 15, 2014 at 11:51 am


      Thank you for stopping by! Let me state if you read my blog, you will see that I never tell people it’s okay to sin. I talk about how grace empowers righteousness. Yes, repentance is required. This post is about love. God’s love. And that’s the verse I chose.

      When God first spoke to me about sharing the Gospel, He said “Tell them I love them. They don’t know how much I love them.” Yes,there are plenty of people who have encountered God’s love and will still reject Him. There are millions more who have never encountered the richness of God’s love. There are millions of Christians who walk around feeling condemned, guilty, insecure, or filled with shame.

      We are transformed by the power of God’s love. The Bible says it is His kindness that leads us to repentance.

      We can’t save or change ourselves. We need to accept Jesus first.

      No one is made righteous by trying to keep the law. The Pharisees tried and were rebuked severely. We are saved by faith and God is the one who works in us to live holy lives.

      While the message of God’s love may offend some or seem unbalanced, I must follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Maybe I will only touch one person’s life. One person who thought God hated them or they had no chance at redemption. I’m willing to ridiculed for the one.

      We’ve told the world how awful, sinful, and wretched “they” are. Truth is-we all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. The only reason, if we are saved, that we are not doing the worst of sins is because of the power of God working in us.

      I know far too many people who have not fully realized the depths of God’s love. Those who do, live abandoned and obedient lives to God out of love-not fear of hell or condemnation. Once we know how much He loves us, and fall in love with Him, the rest falls into place.

      I hope you stick around. I also hope and pray your day overflows with the powerful and abounding love of God. How He loves you so!!! He is glorious!

      Love in Christ,



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