Authority Prayers 

Hello lovely people,

We have so much authority in Christ that is not used. Let’s use it all to destroy the works of the devil!!! Amen. Amen!!!

The devil works overtime to convince people they don’t need God. The Bible says he blinds them to truth. We don’t have authority to override someone’s will. If we try, that’s witchcraft. We don’t want that.

Also if we read scripture we find Jesus never begged for healing, deliverance, nor did He bargain with the devil or cower from him…Jesus prays differently. Sometimes I can hear Him praying. And He commands; He does not beg.
We have a certain level of authority in His name. Meaning we don’t have to beg, cower, or remain in bondage. The level of authority we have is also linked to our obedience/submission to God. Meaning if we are submitted to God, the level of authority in our lives is greater…see notes below on submission and authority.

Notes on Authority:

Our authority in Christ carries with it responsibility; those who misuse it will be judged harshly by God. Adam’s misuse of authority is still causing problems today. He surrendered his authority to the devil by submitting to him. Who we submit to is who we give authority over us. Hence God hating rebellion. Authority is given to love, protect, and empower. The one given authority is called like Jesus to lay their life down for those under their care.

Those over others will give an account to God for how they used the authority given. And those under authority will be either blessed or suffer based on who or what they submit to.

If we are doing the will of the devil, operating in rebellion, we are submitting our authority to the evil one and coming under his authority (what we have given him). Heaven (God) and hell (the devil) are both looking for human agreement.
When we submit to God we are coming under the authority of God and operating in His authority. We are plugging into Him as the Source. Hence the Bible saying, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Submission to God is very important when we use the authority given in Jesus name or engaging in spiritual warfare.

Here are the prayers….

My Prayers/Authority Prayers (for the lost, those in bondage, or just anyone).

Important note:

I bind spirits. I don’t cast them out of people or places without permission. You can create a bigger problem if you operate outside of what God is doing. Demons go or stay where they have legal rights or they attack from the outside on an assignment sent by someone. They follow orders and the laws of the spirit realm governed by God. We are not the ultimate authority. God is…wisdom is important, as is submission to God.

In the name of Jesus I command all demons to be confused and weakened on this person (insert their name).

* I command all demons to be cut off from receiving help from other demons and Satan in this person’s life.

*I cut off their outside help from other demonic spirits territorial or otherwise.

*I ask God You’d release angels to break up every scheme of the enemy in and around them (insert name of person).

Where their eyes have been blinded to truth, Your truth, I ask for deep revelations of Your love for them, Your truth, and Your goodness.

I bind the spirit of deception and cut off its life support. I command deception to be silent.

*In Jesus name, I ask Father they would be able to distinguish between their thoughts and feelings and those of Satan.

*Where their will is bound by the evil one, I pray a loosing of their will to know Your will.

I bind any and all demonic attacks hindering freedom in their will.
I ask God You’d place people on their path to share the Gospel, model the Gospel, and use any method of media or human interaction possible to speak Your truth into their lives. Let that truth fall on fertile ground. Water it with Your Spirit.

I bind all confusion and works of chaos and strife. I command all demonic spirits around them to be silent and not interfere with God’s work in their lives.
Holy Spirit saturate them with Your love and Your truth.

Prayers with an * adapted from Another source. I did not write them, source unknown.

Authority prayers for curses modified a bit from Dr. Kraft. See below.
Any curses being sent to me or my family from a demonic spirit, I return those curses to the demons sending them. I cancel any and all negative effects in Jesus name.
Any curses being sent by a human being, I return those curses as blessings aimed at leading this person to repentance. I bless those who curse me with love, joy, peace, and awareness of Your Presence. I cancel any and all negative effects of curses in Jesus name.

I ask for forgiveness for the sins of my family and ancestors. I renounce any and all demonic or ungodly dedications, curses, allegiances, vows, or authority given over us through sin or through trauma. I renounce any demonic spirits of inheritance coming from the father or mother all the way back to Adam and Eve. I cancel all the negative effects, in Jesus name.

My authority prayers, written for specific situations.

Breaking/Canceling Demonic Assignments-Curses-Works of the Devil:

I break and cancel by the power of the Holy Spirit any demonic assignments sent against me or my family or those under my intercessory covering. I break curses for those under my authority where I have legal rights to do so. I break and cancel assignments of sickness, death, poverty, insecurity, hatred, lust, sexual perversion, insanity, confusion, broken relationships, demonic relational setups, passivity, pride, or fear; God I break anything not of You. I command every spirit sent to harm or harass to stand down. I cancel their assignments. Evil spirits with no legal rights, go to Jesus and get your instructions from Him. I bind those with legal rights from gaining strength. I forbid all vacated enemy spirits from returning. Lord flood each place vacated by darkness with Your light. I put the cross, the empty tomb of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus between evil spirits and them. I cover them with the blood of Jesus and proclaim a high hedge of protection over them.

Hedge of Protection: 

I claim by the power and authority of Jesus a hedge of protection around me and my family and those under my intercessory covering. I claim protection over our health, assets, work, work spaces, pets, resources, relationships, finances, mental health, and associations. I cancel anything sent for our harm in Jesus name.

Event Protection: 

I claim a hedge of protection around this event (church or gatherings). I bind any demonic spirits from interfering with God’s plans! I ask Father You’d release Angels in great abundance to help carry out Your will on earth and with this event. Help us to see Your will and do Your will. Let heaven come here!!!

Dedication of belongings/cleansing of home:

Lord I dedicate everything I own to You! I claim Your protection over it all. Cleanse my home, vehicle, work space from anything not of You. I ask You’d dispatch Your angels to guard, watch over, clear out anything not of You. I cancel any demonic rights from previous owners or occupants or visitors.

Renouncing Agreement with Sin in those in Authority/Leadership over You:

Lord, I confess I am not in agreement with any sins of the leadership over me or any sins of those in authority over me. I claim a hedge of protection over me by the blood of Jesus. Their sin is their sin. I pledge my allegiance to Jesus Christ. I do not accept any spiritual influence from them that’s not holy or of God. I forbid any attempts of demonic spirits to transfer to me, attach to me, or harass me.

Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties:

God thank You we can connect with others. I do not desire any ungodly soul bonds or ties. In Jesus name I release any connections to anyone in the soul/spirit realm that’s not of God. I command any parts of their souls attached to mine to be released back to them cleansed in the blood of Jesus and free of any demonic spirits. I command any spirits not the Holy Spirit that attached to me or came to me through this bond to leave and go to Jesus never to return here. I call back any parts of my soul linked to them, cleansed in the blood of Jesus and free of any demonic spirits.

Renouncing lies/negative vows:

Holy Spirit reveal any lies I am believing (wait and listen). Lord Jesus I renounce these lies/any negative vows and come out of agreement with the Father of Lies. I command any spirits that came to enforce these lies/vows to vacate your post and go to Jesus. Lord I ask for Your truth to saturate my heart and mind.

Struggling Relationship Prayer: 

I bind any spirits not of the Holy Spirit aiming to destroy or bring confusion in this relationship or situation. I loose peace in Jesus name. I loose clarity and the truth of God. I loose love and unity! I bind and break the assignment of strife or division.

For children (written for parents over kids):

I assert my legal rights as a parent over (insert child name). I break any and all demonic assignments for my child, any curses of inheritance that came from either family line, anything not of God. I claim a hedge of protection around my child (insert name) to prevent the destruction, lies, or perversion of the enemy. I loose truth, purity, sanity, hope, joy, love, faith, and the goodness of God over my child. I bless them with the knowledge of the height, depth, width, and vast expanse of God’s love for them. I bind sickness, disease, terror, works of the evil one, seeds of rejection/fear/insecurity/lust/selfishness. I loose health. I ask Holy Spirit You’d go back through the blood lines of me and my spouse all the way back to Adam and Eve and burn off our DNA anything not of you. Burn off any curses, sickness, character defects, generational curses, familiar spirits, demonic vows or dedications, and disease. Align their DNA with Jesus. I dedicate my child (or children) to You. I claim Your blessings and protection for them. I cancel any and all demonic assignments for their life. I stand in agreement with Your will. May it be done in their lives. In Jesus powerful name.

I highly recommend Dr. Kraft’s books-I Give You Authority, The Rules of Engagement, and the Evangelical’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

You are loved and prayed for continually!!

Love in Christ,

Erin Lamb