Operation God is Love (Ministry Info)

Sweet friends, there’s so much chaos in the world. We have been empowered by God to make a difference. We cannot do everything. We can do something. As followers of Jesus our role is it be ambassadors for Christ.

My heart has been so touched by God for people no one seems to love. They live on the streets, they are dirty, some are smelly, and some sell their bodies. Many are desperate for someone to see them, acknowledge they are there.

This ministry/outreach started Spring 2013. We take the Gospel to the streets of our city. This started out as a very small group of women passionate about the Gospel!

We have seen people pulled off the streets, delivered from oppresing spirits, given hope, healed, and connected for better care. God loves everyone. He so loves our street friends.

OGL also partners to serve as prayer teams for the sick at the local free clinic run by Vineyard Church. There have been so many people healed and set free by the power of Jesus. It is radical.

One lady had been crippled for 4 years. In less than 10 minutes Jesus had healed her knee and she was no longer crippled.

We give thanks to God for His work on earth.

The mission is love.

The mission is Jesus.

We can’t help everyone. We can help someone. Freely we receive; freely we give. Some people will never set foot in a church, so we go out! The harvest is plentiful. You can read about a profound experience in the post, Remembering John (Stories from the Street) on this website.

I am in the process of investigating turning OGL into an official non profit. You may read more about the mission at operationGodislove.org or facebook.com/OperationGodisLove.

What can you do to help?


God enters situations He’s invited into. There are a group of women committed to praying on Thursday nights and interceeding for our city, the nation, the world. Will you join us? Pray and fast as you feel led. We are praying Heaven invades earth, people’s hearts are turned to God, for decrease in violence, crime, and murder, for salvation of the lost, food for the poor, and unity within the Body of Christ.


There are people all around you who need to see practical demonstrations of God’s love. Check out your local church and see how they are serving the poor, widows, orphans. Offer your services to others.

Don’t worry about the numbers, help one person at a time and always start with the person closest to you,”~Mother Teresa.


There are so many people already established. Below are a list of organizations that are building God’s Kingdom. If you can’t give financially, pray for them. I will update this list regularly.

A21 Campaign: Ending Sex Trafficking

Loving God Fellowship: Serving Orphans, Widows, and the Poor

Charity water. Providing clean water to the poorest parts of the world.

Unicef. Providing food, clothing, medical support to the poor.

Holt International. Sponsoring Children in poor regions of the world. International adoption. Mire info available at holtinternational.org.

Iris ministries.  Thousands of churches and a broad ministry encompassing Bible schools, children’s centers, church-based orphan care, primary education, medical clinics, constant evangelistic and healing outreaches, farming, well drilling and much else. More info available at irisglobal.org.

Michael Dream Foundation: 

Your $25 Donation will help finish a new Kindergarten School in Ghana; together we can give the children quality education.  

Go Here To Give michaelsdreamfoundation.org

Operation God is Love is an outreach, not a full fledged 501 3 C yet. We appreciate your prayers as we press forward to see heaven invade the earth.

You can connect with us at facebook.com/OperationGodisLove.


Love in Christ,

Erin Lamb

Founder/President/Director of Operation God is Love

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