Prayer of Breakthrough


Photo from wordswag. Used with permission.

Prayer of Breakthrough:

Thank You God that You see every single need. I thank You that You are not deaf to the cries of Your children.

You are a good, good Father. I thank You and praise You for who You are. We are honored to know You and call you Father. 

In the mighty name of Jesus I declare breakthrough. Breakthrough in health, finances, family, relationships, for lost loved ones to be hounded by the love of God, for restoration, and for those hurting to find supernatural comfort, healing, and courage.

I declare soul prosperity and I call back everything stolen by the enemy. I call it back with 7 times the bounty.

I call back joy! For those stuck in insecurity, low self-worth, and low self-esteem for the Spirit of the Living God to quicken each soul to come into perfect alignment with God’s thoughts.

Spirit of confusion, discouragement, infirmity, and depression, be bound in Jesus name. I command every voice that is not the Holy Spirit to be silent!

Holy Spirit I ask for each person reading this to hear Your truth, Your wisdom, Your insight, Your voice.
Every familiar spirit and generational spirit be bound until you are cast into the dry uninhabited places by Jesus.

Lord, let Your Spirit of deliverance fall on each one, on their families, coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Raise Your mighty Right Hand against the plans of the enemy this year.

I ask for the hosts of heaven to push back all the darkness around us.

Soul receive the healing balm of Gilead. Mind receive the peace, love, joy, truth, and hope of God. Body come into alignment with heaven.

I bind all worry, fear, anxiety, oppression, and depression. I release love, peace, and joy. I release clarity of mind. Every lie planted in the conscious and subconscious mind, Holy Spirit reveal it so we can renounce it, break agreement with it, and be free of partnership with the father of lies, Satan. 

I declare a year of outrageous miracles, divine revelation, adventures in the secret place, and overflow of agape love.

Come Lord Jesus and touch each one reading this! Let Your words, wisdom, hope, and goodness surround them like a cloud of Glory!

Lord pour out as much of Your glory as they can stand. May they be submerged in You, overcome by You, overwhelmed by You…so much so the enemy flees because he can’t stand in the glory.

Let their shadows heal and restore people. May the enemy see the bright Light which is You shining in his eyes.

Let them be people of REVIVAL, who don’t wait for revival. They bring revival. They are revival. Let Your fire engulf them.

All consuming fire, living flames of love, crash in and over each one reading this. Let them be BURNING one’s for You.

Lord sweep this Nation with Your love and power through us. You have done Your part. Help us to do ours. Bring Revival, Restoration, Hope, Goodness, Love, and Power through us!

May the Nations come to know the hope of the Nations, You King Jesus.

I declare breakthrough, unlike any other year. Let the doors of heaven fling wide OPEN! Let heaven come here!!! This is the time, a year of radical transformation, miracles, faith, and awakening for those asleep.

Let Your Bride arise, healed and whole, unified, on fire, on purpose, on mission, equipped, empowered, and we will plunder the gates of hell for Your Glory!

In Jesus powerful name, amen!

Believing for greater things. Hope you are too! 

Love in Christ,

Erin Lamb