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Those who seek God will find Him.

I’m do not always share visions and what I believe God is doing with people. Yet He prompted me to. Why? Because He’s offering an invitation to ALL. God is no respecter of persons. He longs for deeper intimacy with us all. There’s always more with God. He’s not limited to do just what we think He should. He’s God. He can do whatever He wants.

So what’s Jesus up to? Here’s what I believe from talking with Him.

Certainly weigh this against God’s Word and pray about it as all prophecy is to be tested.

Preparing His Bride. I had a vision of the church a few years ago, in a grave. Someone was shoveling dirt on her. She wasn’t dead. She was sleeping. The vision was reoccurring. I could slowly see her begin to rise though dirt was still being dumped on her. Eventually she got up out of the grave and shook off the dirt. She was wearing boxing gloves. Nice ensemble; wedding dress and boxing gloves. She was going rounds with the devil. Giving him hard punches. One after another.

God is victorious and will conquer the darkness through His church.

We cannot get sleepy or lazy. There’s a war in the heavenlies daily over souls. The evil one loves a disjointed, sleepy, powerless, loveless, & apathetic church. He doesn’t care how many services we attend as long as we are not actually applying what’s being taught.

I truly believe that atrophied parts of the Body of Christ are being called to activation. It’s not enough to sit on a bench Sunday after Sunday. We are the living vessels the Holy Spirit wants to flow through. Every member doing their part for the fulfillment of His Word.

I had an open vision many years ago of these gems being cut and laid out on a conveyor belt. They were all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I could see the hands of God placing them side by side on this belt. He tipped it at the end and those gems filled the earth. Each one in it’s place. Each one strategically placed. He then lit up the world. And the most glorious lights filled the earth.

You have a place in God’s heart and in His Body. Your place is not my place. My place is not your place. We cannot afford to be petty, jealous, lazy, competitive, or apathetic. Every day people are dying and going to hell. Every day the devil is working to fill the earth with more lust, perversion, deception, and evil. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. We are the salt and light. If we do nothing, who will stand against the darkness and shine?

Jesus is cleaning up His Bride and sending her out to wage war; not against people but against principalities, powers, demonic spirits, and wickedness in high places.

How do we wage war?

We stay in God’s face.
We stay connected to the Source of Life which is Christ (John 15:5).
We abide in Him.
We bring truth, love, and justice.
We pray!
We take our place in God’s Body. We find out what we were born to do and we do it.
We put on the full armor of God.
We worship our Father in Spirit and in truth.
We focus on what God is doing and saying, not what the evil one is doing.

God provides instructions for living. If we stay in His face, we will know what to do.

Part II. Open Heart Surgery

I see God opening up the cavity of His people and doing heart surgery. We need His great love & power for the days ahead. For our enemy is not people. Our enemy was defeated thousands of years ago on the cross. There will be groups of people who rise up against God’s church. We cannot respond like the world in hostility and pride. We must walk in love.

Love is not passive. Nor is love a doormat. Love tells the truth. Love stands up for what’s right. Love does not seek to destroy people. We cannot afford to get caught up in gossip, slander, retaliation, and dishonoring people even if they are dead wrong. God will judge (sentence) the world for their sins. We shine the light in their faces. He determines their eternal fate.

The devil cannot love. He can lust. He can promote false peace. He can boast. He can teach the Bible. He can even perform signs and miracles. He cannot genuinely love. The love of God is not in him. He’s selfish, proud, and hateful.

Jesus said, “The world will know you’re my disciples by your love for one another.

In the days and years to come we will need to rely on God’s love. Many, many people will come into the Kingdom when we begin to truly live the Gospel in love and power. Yes, no one can come to the Father unless He draws them, but we don’t know who He’s pursuing. So, we share the Gospel with everyone.

If there is no compassion in our hearts for people, even the worst of sinners, we must go back to the cross. We ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. None of us deserved Jesus. We were once deceived, haters of God, proud, and on our way to hell.

Those that are blind, wretched, naked, and poor need to know what Jesus paid for. They need to know this steadfast love of God that gave everything for them. If we don’t know this love deep within us, now’s the time to get with God and say, “Here I am God. Give me deeper revelations of your heart and love for me and others. Break my heart for what breaks yours!

It’s time for heart renewal.

Lastly, it’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and what’s happening in America. Over the past year God has been taking me places in my dreams. Parts of Asia, Turkey…and there are people dying on the streets. While in the dream in Asia there were all these villages of the sick and dying. I was wiping infection off small children. There were tents set up for the diseased. In Turkey, there was a man malnourished and crippled begging on side the road. In the dream in Turkey I began to pray for the man. A lady with me said, “Did you ask if you could touch him?” As if to say, “You’re not following the rules.” I dismissed her because the man was near death. Religion is more concerned about the rules than helping the person. Jesus broke many of the cultural rules because His agenda was the Fathers will. See the story of the woman at the well or any story where Jesus is empowering women or healing on the Sabbath. Anyway. As we prayed for the beggar, he was healed and worship erupted on the street. People began singing and praising God. It was the most glorious worship!

God will get His full reward. And we will see His Kingdom invade this earth.

The encouragement is this:

God is calling you. Yes you! To be a vessel He can use for His glory. The Healer lives in you. The most powerful Being in the Universe lives in you. You were not born to be a spectator. You are not to compare yourself to anyone else. You are a living, breathing, gem carved out of the hands of God to display His glory in the earth.

Father I ask that anything hindering us from the fullness of your love would be cast out. I ask for impartations of greater wisdom, insight, and discernment to handle the days ahead. May our faith not fail. Raise us up to be who you called us to be. I speak unity, health, purification, love, and joy into the Bride of Christ. May we set aside our agenda and link our lives to your agenda. For your glory! In Jesus powerful name. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Dreams & Visions

  1. Marilyn Jernigan says:

    Thank you for sharing such powerful prophetic visions and dreams. I needed to read this at this very moment because I’ve been praying for God to break my heart for what breaks His. I’ve begun praying for the nations more than I ever have before, but because of the season of trials I’ve endured this year, I began focusing more on my needs. This article has encouraged me to pray in agreement with God for what’s on His heart and to not be so consumed with my own needs. Besides, the Father already knows what I have need of. I just have to use faith to access it.

    Many blessings to you,

    • Erin Lamb says:

      God bless you! Praying your time with God brings a manifestion of His promises in the earth. How He longs to co-labor with us. We are His Ambassadors in the earth. You are so deeply loved by God.

  2. Undule says:

    Since my salvation I have taken dreams very seriously because I know it’s GOD speaking to me .. Thank you for sharing and continue sharing . I am with you in prayers
    Stay blessed

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