You Are My Child (Poem)

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Written by Erin Lamb©, all rights reserved

God’s love is overwhelming once our hearts have a revelation of how incredible it is. His love for His children does not fail. We live in a world that may at times make it challenging to see God’s love. As stated in the post The Perfect Father, God is not cold, cruel, or aloof. He loves us deeply and purely. The words below were pressed into my heart today. I hope they bless you. Whether you know God or not, He loves you. You are the object of His affection. You are loved….today and every day.

You are My child;

the one that I came for,

and the one My heart loves.

Before I set the stars in the sky

I thought of you, and I knew you.

I pieced together your DNA in My mind.

Everything about you,

I knew you before the creation of time.

You were and will always be the one My heart longs for.

Every moment of the day

I am eagerly waiting for you to look My way.

I’ve stored up abundant blessings for you,

beyond your wildest imaginings.

I have always loved you,

always known you,

and I have always wanted to be with you.

You are My child.

You are an extension of My creativity.

How delighted I was to pour out My heart and speak life into you.

I neither slumber nor sleep;

My eyes are careful to watch every step you take.

All for love,

I reach down

in ways you cannot always see.

Oh, to meet with you,

to be with you;

there is no place I’d rather be!

Every hair on your head;

I know them.

Every tear you’ve shed;

I have bottled them.

No one knows you better than Me,

and no one can love you as well as I can.

There is a void inside you that is longing to be filled.

And I stand with arms wide open,

longing to fill your heart with so much love that your heart’s cup overflows.

I am the One who knows your destiny and true identity.

I created you for Me.

Your name is engraved upon My heart,

and your dreams as well.

I long to see you soar to the highest heights

I am your biggest fan.

You are My child and nothing can cause Me to love you less.

I love you!

I love you!

I will always love you!

If you cannot feel My love or sense My affection,

look to that rugged cross.

There My Son took many lashes.

He took them for you.

So that you and I could be together for eternity.

You were worth dying for.

You were worth saving.

You are My child,

and My love is always here for the taking.

6 thoughts on “You Are My Child (Poem)

  1. Ben Nelson says:

    This is wonderful Erin! Thank you.

    This is from a post i did called Our FATHER about the love of God…

    Now let’s just say I am the One who created you (as well as everything else) and love you unconditionally, with a love that never fails – a love that is stronger than death – a love that can not be separated from Me by anything, created or uncreated – and I know you better than you know yourself, and I understand all possible outcomes of your life. My resources are limitless, and are completely at My disposal to bring about the best outcome for your life.

    That is how Our Father loves you.

    What a great God we serve!

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