God Created One Race, Human 

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Morning Devotion: God created one race, human. Cleansing from the sin of racism. 

In Genesis it does not say, “Then God created asian people, latino people, jewish people, native people, white people, and black people.” It said God created Adam and Eve. We humans came up with different races of people. God created one human race that has different expressions of His beauty and creativity. 

It amuses me how people cling to labels that were created to promote division and racism. Part of the US census was to keep “white” people from mingling with anyone with brown DNA. Brown DNA, especially African DNA is dominant. 

All of life began on the continent of Africa. Science has proven African is the oldest DNA. If you combine African, Asian, Native, etc…DNA with non brown DNA it is prone to be dominant. There was also a belief that those with brown skin were inferior and their culture was a threat to all things “white”. 

Boxes and labels were created to keep people segregated due to fear, pride, insecurity, and in many cases greed. If you want someone’s land or to exploit them, to ease your conscious you make them less than you. If your neighbor is not human, or an inferior human it does not feel as bad to kill them, rape them, steal their land, or abuse/enslave them. 

The Jews thrown in concentration camps were not considered human. The Africans enslaved were not human, or less than. The Natives raped, killed, and forced off their land were considered savages. The other brown people groups bombed, killed were considered less than. 

The point I am trying to make is racism is sin. It is a sin that greatly grieves the heart of God. It is void of agape love, God love. Those who do not love, do not know God because God is love (1 John 4:8). 

God created one race of people, humans. The labels we cling to were created by humans to promote division. White people are not really white (void of all pigment). White is a crayon color; It is not a people group. Africans can have pink/pale children with blond hair and blue eyes. Black is a crayon color, it does not encompass all the different ethnic groups that emerged from the continent (Africa is not a country, it is a continent) of Africa. There are people all over the world with brown to dark brown skin. 

The pride people take in things that have zero relevance to God astounds me. He sees people He loves. He’s not in heaven taking a census, “Oh wait, did you check the box latino for this one. Great. I need to make sure heaven is diverse, we meet our quota.” 

Father God is not like us, our ethnic group of choice. He is Spirit. Those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. He is not our preferred ethnic group. He also created both male and female in His image. Every human being was God’s idea. God is not like an earthly male. Females were made in His image as well. I will touch on gender and sexism in a different post. 

When He sent His Son He sent Him through the lineage of the Jews; He made a covenant with Abraham. The Jews in the times of Jesus were olive skinned to brown/dark brown, had wool like/curly hair. Jesus would not be welcome today in many churches that claim Him. He would not be considered European or “white”. The portraits of Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes are artists reflections. Some of the earliest paintings of Him and Mary they were both brown. 

My prayer is we examine the labels we cling to. We examine how humanity birthed racism out of sin. The root being insecurity and pride, “Someone must be inferior to feel superior.” 

Racism is also a fruit of fractured identity and a soul void of God love. When we know our value in the eyes of God we can love and appreciate others. There are no inferior people groups in God’s eyes. We humans came up with putting others down to feel good about ourselves. 

Lord forgive us for the sins of insecurity, pride, and racism. You created one race, human. You love every single person on this planet. Oh how you love us. Help us to strip off labels given by man and be clothed in the labels given by You. Help us to view others from Your perspective. Help us to receive Your love and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Break the bondages of pride, insecurity, and fractured identity off our country and world. Heal fractured identities and souls. The world needs Your agape love. Come Lord Jesus! Eradicate the deep roots of fear, insecurity, pride, racism, and sexism in our world. Please forgive our country and our world for our sins. Cleanse us of our iniquity. Heal our land. Let heaven come here. In Jesus powerful name. Amen.

Why Love? (Listening to Papa God)

Morning Devotion: Why Love? 

When I first started blogging/writing about the love of God it upset some people online. I have had people I care for deeply offline say, “The problem is not God, it’s people. People need to hear about the wrath and severity of God. They need to repent.” 

There is a severity to God, repentance is required and needed. I do not negate the holiness of God. No one comes to the Father except through the Son. He is not a cuddly, mushy, people pleaser. He is a Consuming Fire. He is also 100% agape love. Our view of love is sometimes different from His. Everything God does is motivated by love, even correction. 

I talked to God; He is the One who inspired me to write about His love. This was His reply. 

Many of My children know of Me, they do not know Me. They know of My love, what was taught to them, yet so many lack reception of My love and true understanding of My heart and character. They have created Me in their own image. Love has not been received or it has been perverted. One can only give away the love that has been received. One can only represent who and what they know. 

My heart greatly desires for My children to know Me. Everything I do is motivated by love, even the things they can not see or understand. I love them. Oh how I love them. Once they know My heart, the words written on the pages of their bibles will come alive in a new way. They will have more confidence. They will walk in My Son’s authority with love, grace, mercy, and power. They will live and love above their circumstances. They will not worry or fear, knowing that I love them. Oh how I love them. 

The world is suffering from a love deficit. The deficit is not because I do not love the world. The deficit is because the world has not fully received all My Son paid for on the cross. He paid for abundant life. 

Abide in My love. Demonstrate My love. Teach and model My love. My love is a love that is both pure and holy. My love does not enable sin or wink at unrighteousness. My love stands to empower righteousness, justice, and purity. 

I want My children, the whole world, to know what My love is and then give that love away. My love is a love that is concerned about the outcasts, poor, widows, orphans, invisible people, and downtrodden in society. 

I love the ENTIRE world, not simply one country, people group, or ethnic group. There is no bias or preferential treatment in My love. I love them all. I created one race of people, My people. My Son gave His life so any person could be redeemed through relationship with Him. He came to save the entire world. I love every tribe, every nation. I love both male and female. All have 100% of My love. 

My love is not divided up into portions. It is given out in whole pieces. It is possible because I AM. I am the all sufficient One. I can give all of Me to each one and never be depleted. They do not have to compete for My love, receive My love. Believe. Receive! 

How I long to see creation redeemed and living/loving from their renewed estate. My Son paid for restoration and redemption so each person who follows Him can stand in their heavenly identity. Love, My love, is the most powerful force in the Universe. They desperately need to know in their hearts, My unfailing love.” 

So…love it is. I have met people who have been Christians longer than I have been alive who do not know nor recognize God’s love. They know scripture. They know how to go to church and pay tithes and serve. They do not know the unfailing, uncompromising love of God. Therefore, they can not give agape to anyone else. 

Agape is God love; unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial love. We can only give what has first been received and release what we carry. I am still learning His love. My heart cries out, “More Lord. Deeper intimacy with You!” 

Papa God, anything hindering reception of Your love, I ask it is removed. Any views of You tainted by experiences with Christians, parents, or the spirit of religion I ask it be bound, healed, and removed. Help us to know You intimately. You are love. Redefine love from Your perspective, from Your vantage point, from Your heart. God may we know the height, depth, width, and vast expanse of Your great love! Thank You for loving us. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

Let the Healing Begin

God is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit,~Psalm 34:18. 

If you are in America you have probably seen the news stories, the protests, and the excessive drama. Well, this post is hopefully an attempt at healing. 

Why do we need to heal? Because this election has brought out the very worst in some people. The slander, name calling, mud slinging, hateful memes, prejudice, labeling, lost friendships, fights, hate crimes, “God said vote for this person and if you don’t you are going to hell“, and hurting people is just well, sad. So many people have been hurt. On both sides of the party line, there has been a blood bath. 

I will honestly say, I have never felt more backed in a corner or unsafe. If you say the wrong thing, it may incite violence. I have tan/light brown skin, and I am a woman. There are some people who feel people like me are not worthy of respect, honor, or dignity. Some have been celebrating the new President by attacking people who are not “white” Americans. They have painted racial slurs on buildings “Make America White Again.” Others on the opposing side have been protesting, “Dump Trump” and calling those who supported him bad names or making threats. 

I wept bitterly today because I thought much of this nonsense and senseless fighting had died away. No, it rises over and over like an ugly boil on the bottom of America. 

America the Melting Pot

America was brown (full of Natives and some Mexicans) before it was ever full of immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world. We are a country that was filled and further developed by immigrants. America is a melting pot of cultures. My prayer is we can love and celebrate people who are different. 

A Volatile and Emotionally Charged Election

People have reported fear, anxiety, lost relationships, chest pain, and a host of issues from this election. 

I voted. I felt it was my civil duty. Yet I do not approve of the way the media handled campaigning or the mud slinging back and forth. Nor am I on the “God chose this person, get on board or go to hell train“. Why? Because God did not tell me to campaign for either person. He said, “Pray.” He said, “Love your neighbor. Love everyone. Even love your enemies.” Love does not require agreement to express honor, respect, or dignity. 

You see, God loves the entire world (John 3:16). God does not just love the people who claim Christian ideals, who vote a certain way, who look a certain way, who are a certain ethnic group, or think a certain way. He loves everyone on this planet; uniquely, passionately, and fully. 

God does not just love Americans or men. He loves the Chinese, Arab, Jewish, African, Japanese, Indian, South American, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, European, Russian, Mexican, Native, and the entire world. God also loves and highly values women. He does not condone the mistreatment of people. God’s love, respect, and honor go to all. He loves…how He loves us. 

So how do we heal? How do we move past the insults, lewd tapes, mud slinging, accusations, shaming, fighting, and pain? 

We invite God right into the middle of the mess. We allow God to love us and bind up our wounds. We choose to forgive. 

Forgive those who are hateful. 

Forgive those who only care about winning or themselves. 

Forgive those who retaliate and seek revenge. 

Forgive those who harbor bitterness. 

Forgive those who released tapes, sound bites, and media feed that slimed us. 

Forgive those who told us support of one or the other meant we were the devil. 

Forgive those who filled our newsfeed with hatred or negativity.

Forgive those who exposed things we never wanted to know. 

Forgive those who harbor deep rooted racism or sexism or dislike based on beliefs/party affiliation. 

Forgive those committing hate crimes or unecessary unrest. 

Forgive those who pretend not to see the pain they are causing. 

Forgive those with zero compassion. 

Forgive those shaming us or calling us names. 

Forgive those who think politics are more important than loving people. 

Forgive those linking Christianity with promotion for White Supremacy. God is not racist by the way. He created one human race. Jesus was born into Middle Eastern Jewish lineage. If we hate anyone, God says we do not know Him (1 John 4:8). 

Forgive those who pretend racism and sexism do not exist in the world and in the church. 

Forgive those who hate followers of Jesus and His teachings. 

Forgive those who hurt us over this election. 

We forgive because God has forgiven us. We forgive because if we do not, we are not forgiven. 

Then we love! See the words of Jesus below. 

Luke 6:32-36 the Message (MSG)

“Here is a simple rule of thumb for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them! If you only love the lovable, do you expect a pat on the back? Run-of-the-mill sinners do that. If you only help those who help you, do you expect a medal? Garden-variety sinners do that. If you only give for what you hope to get out of it, do you think that’s charity? The stingiest of pawnbrokers does that.

I tell you, love your enemies. Help and give without expecting a return. You’ll never—I promise—regret it. Live out this God-created identity the way our Father lives toward us, generously and graciously, even when we’re at our worst. Our Father is kind; you be kind.”

The Message (MSG)

Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

God love is so much higher! It costs us greatly to walk in His love and not pride…To walk in His love and not fear…To walk in grace and mercy instead of anger, rage, retaliation, and pain. Love is higher. 

I will not say it is easy. I have been saddened to my core. I am a thinker, not a feeler and this has still moved me to weeping. 

What I can say is hidden wounds do not heal. Our country and the entire world desperately need Jesus. There is no politician that can fix us. We need God. My prayer is we turn to Him. I pray we see God as He is and not the God made in our own image. 

  • Wherever you are, you are loved. 
  • Whatever your gender, you are respected, honored, and loved. 
  • Whatever your country of origin, you are loved. 
  • However you voted, you are loved. 

You see the love of God is based on who He is, not all the externals of our culture. 

May the healing begin! 

May you and I be instruments of love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy in the days and years to come. 

You are deeply loved and prayed for! 


Erin Lamb