Weekend Devotion (A Prophet Who Warns)

Weekend Devotion: The prophet who warns. God loves to encourage; part of love is also warning of upcoming disaster and discerning what is God and what is not God.

I am not into the mantra of, “God is punishing the world, that’s why disasters happen.” Jesus came to save the world (John 3:16). I am also not of the camp of “We do no wrong or God never says, ‘Hey, you need to pray because something not great is coming’.”

The truth is God speaks, God warns, God instructs, and God issues calls to repentance. Part of love is saying, “Pray, something not good is headed your way.” God raises up watchmen on the wall who listen to Him and pray with Jesus. It’s not their kingdom come, their will be done. It’s His Kingdom come, His will be done.

The truth is humanity sins. If you do not believe this truth, turn on your local news. Jesus paid to free us from slavery to sin. We are to be Christ focused, not sin focused. Yet our mass culture has a propensity to be neither God centered nor aware of the trauma sin brings nor the authority given to the evil one through our agreement.

Sin is agreement with the devil. Agreement with the devil means he is given authority where Jesus stripped him of authority. Where there was no power and authority, he is given the ability to kill, steal, and destroy. God put Satan under the believers feet. We can choose to agree with him or God.

I live in a country where repentance is sometimes a dirty word. There are people who teach that God does not see our lawlessness, He just sees Jesus. There are some who teach sin is no big deal, just live how you want and confess later. There are some who teach there are no consequences for our choices and we have zero accountability as believers. So what happens is the evil one is given access to believers lives and the lives of others through willful participation in partnership with the devil. Then the question for believers becomes, “Why is my life a mess? I love Jesus.” Well, the Bible is clear, “I set before you life and death-choose life,”~from Duet 30:15-16. There is a mega blessing attached to agreeing with God.

I also see throughout scripture God sounding the alarm with His prophets. Yes, there are false prophets all over who profess doom and gloom. There are also false prophets who preach and teach peace and what the people want to hear.

God is truth. God is balanced. God will tell those close to His heart, “Pray for your adversary the devil is on the prowl, seeking whom He may devour. Pray because the people have opened a door through immorality to the gates of the enemy. Pray lest you fall. Pray.

If you were standing on a train track and a locomotive was headed right for you, and I watched it hit you, would you say I love you? I hope not. The person who loves you yells, “Get out of the way. A train is coming!! You are going to die if you stay on this track!!! Choose life.” This is what I know of God. He is the One proclaiming, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Choose life; choose My Son.”

I have also seen God heighten discernment. Discernment is not simply deciphering between what is wrong and right. It is deciphering between what is right and almost right.

Satan is a liar, deceiver and twister of words. He does not always just present the biggest lie possible; often He presents a twisted truth, a subtle lie. It almost seems right, yet it’s not. Followers of Jesus are called to abide in His truth. If we know God, know His word, and His Spirit is in us, then we can prayerfully spot counterfeit from what’s real. The best way to know counterfeit is to become intimate with what is authentic.

I truly believe in prophets like Jesus who did not come to shame people, yet never tailored their message to win a popularity contest. Jesus spoke truth in love. Jesus warned of the consequences of partnership with the devil. Jesus preached repentance (agreeing with God). Jesus spoke of the things of Papa God’s heart. Jesus walked in the authority of the Father uncontaminated. Jesus was a true King, Priest, Son, and Prophet.

Papa God please forgive us for any agreement with the evil one. Help us to align with your truth. Please help us to listen and hear your voice above them all. Please lead us on a path of your truth. Help us to live out of your heart. Let your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


Erin Lamb

Why Love? (Listening to Papa God)

Morning Devotion: Why Love? 

When I first started blogging/writing about the love of God it upset some people online. I have had people I care for deeply offline say, “The problem is not God, it’s people. People need to hear about the wrath and severity of God. They need to repent.” 

There is a severity to God, repentance is required and needed. I do not negate the holiness of God. No one comes to the Father except through the Son. He is not a cuddly, mushy, people pleaser. He is a Consuming Fire. He is also 100% agape love. Our view of love is sometimes different from His. Everything God does is motivated by love, even correction. 

I talked to God; He is the One who inspired me to write about His love. This was His reply. 

Many of My children know of Me, they do not know Me. They know of My love, what was taught to them, yet so many lack reception of My love and true understanding of My heart and character. They have created Me in their own image. Love has not been received or it has been perverted. One can only give away the love that has been received. One can only represent who and what they know. 

My heart greatly desires for My children to know Me. Everything I do is motivated by love, even the things they can not see or understand. I love them. Oh how I love them. Once they know My heart, the words written on the pages of their bibles will come alive in a new way. They will have more confidence. They will walk in My Son’s authority with love, grace, mercy, and power. They will live and love above their circumstances. They will not worry or fear, knowing that I love them. Oh how I love them. 

The world is suffering from a love deficit. The deficit is not because I do not love the world. The deficit is because the world has not fully received all My Son paid for on the cross. He paid for abundant life. 

Abide in My love. Demonstrate My love. Teach and model My love. My love is a love that is both pure and holy. My love does not enable sin or wink at unrighteousness. My love stands to empower righteousness, justice, and purity. 

I want My children, the whole world, to know what My love is and then give that love away. My love is a love that is concerned about the outcasts, poor, widows, orphans, invisible people, and downtrodden in society. 

I love the ENTIRE world, not simply one country, people group, or ethnic group. There is no bias or preferential treatment in My love. I love them all. I created one race of people, My people. My Son gave His life so any person could be redeemed through relationship with Him. He came to save the entire world. I love every tribe, every nation. I love both male and female. All have 100% of My love. 

My love is not divided up into portions. It is given out in whole pieces. It is possible because I AM. I am the all sufficient One. I can give all of Me to each one and never be depleted. They do not have to compete for My love, receive My love. Believe. Receive! 

How I long to see creation redeemed and living/loving from their renewed estate. My Son paid for restoration and redemption so each person who follows Him can stand in their heavenly identity. Love, My love, is the most powerful force in the Universe. They desperately need to know in their hearts, My unfailing love.” 

So…love it is. I have met people who have been Christians longer than I have been alive who do not know nor recognize God’s love. They know scripture. They know how to go to church and pay tithes and serve. They do not know the unfailing, uncompromising love of God. Therefore, they can not give agape to anyone else. 

Agape is God love; unconditional, unselfish, sacrificial love. We can only give what has first been received and release what we carry. I am still learning His love. My heart cries out, “More Lord. Deeper intimacy with You!” 

Papa God, anything hindering reception of Your love, I ask it is removed. Any views of You tainted by experiences with Christians, parents, or the spirit of religion I ask it be bound, healed, and removed. Help us to know You intimately. You are love. Redefine love from Your perspective, from Your vantage point, from Your heart. God may we know the height, depth, width, and vast expanse of Your great love! Thank You for loving us. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

Divine Appointments (Miracle Series)


God accomplishes quite a bit of His will through people. You and I have the opportunity to partner with Him to change the lives of others. 

These are a few stories on God setting up divine appointments. If you don’t believe in them, check out the story of Ruth and Boaz, Saul on the road to Demascus, Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood, Jesus and the woman at the well, Mary (the mother of Jesus) and the Angel…

Suicide Prevention

Operation God is Love is a ministry started Spring 2014 to reach people on the street and spiritually dark areas of our city. We pray before we go out for divine appointments, for God to put people on our path that need His love, healing, and delivering power. 

One of the ladies on the team suggested one afternoon we wait to hear if God would give us clues on who He wanted to minister to. I had the word “blue sweatshirt,” pop up in my head during prayer. I wrote it down, yet thought…”that was so random.” 

When we went out there was one older man riding a bike in a blue sweatshirt. We didn’t stop for him, yet told him we’d catch up with him later. We were attending to another homeless man. 

When we found him, let’s call him Rodney, he was sitting on a ledge looking somber. We stopped, chatted for awhile, and asked what he’d like Jesus to do for him. He stated he wanted to die. He had planned out his death already, the exact details of how he’d end his life. We prayed for him, for the spirit of suicide to lift off him. He said he felt lighter and promised us suicide was no longer an option. We actually got him to smile.😊

I know God wanted us to pray for Rodney. So that random thought during prayer wasn’t random at all. 

Restored Hope

Another girl we will call Susie was selling newspapers on the street. We stopped and asked if we could pray for her. She agreed. I told her I had a vision of our Heavenly Father handing her presents. They were gift wrapped especially for her. Her desires mattered to God. She began to weep. After hearing her story, it was apparent that God was the originator of that vision. I did not know this woman. God did. She was praying God would give her the gift of being with her son on Christmas. She lost him when she became homeless yet God had provided a place for her now and employment. 

Prophetic Utterances, Healing, and Deliverance

Once while on missions in Brazil the leader asked us to come up and ask God to speak to us for the people they called forward. I was terrified. It was a large conference and well introverts don’t love focused attention. The lady they placed in front of me seemed like an average teenage girl. Yet as I repeated what I sensed God was saying, she began to come undone. Weeping went to sobbing to wailing. I wasn’t prophesying negativity. Whatever I said, I don’t recall any of it, it cut right into her heart. She encountered Holy Spirit in a profound way, He encountered her. She was healed and delivered of several tormenting spirits that day. Yeah God! Once God was done she just beemed with joy. Her face was different, she just radiated.

Connections, Prophetic Intercession, God’s Incredible Timing

One of the longest strings of divine appointments started several years ago at a conference in my state. I took my young adult group. That Sunday we went to a local church near the conference. I met a group of young revivalist attending ministry school in California. They prayed for us and we made Facebook connections. 

No big deal right? A year later there’s another conference and I meet up with one of the people from that group, let’s call her Anna. Anna pulls us out of a session to meet some of her fellow ministry school friends. They spoke so many prophetic and destiny words over us. We did the same. Went home. No big deal right? 

Well a year or so passes and God begins to give me words, pictures, impressions, visions, for one of the gentlemen from that group. I told God, “I’m not sharing these things with a stranger, especially not a man. Please don’t ask me to do this.” 

So, I held onto them for awhile, yet God repeated Himself. When I finally got the courage the person receiving stated the timing was perfect and the words fit his life. We’d met once on the lawn of a conference. 

Fast forward and for two years when this person needed prayer, encouragement, etcetera…God would stir me. It was facing hurdle after hurdle of overcoming fear, and fear of man. I’d rather be anonymous especially when ministering this way. Yet God was persistent in do it again. Send again…and again with no mention of a stop date! Oh Lord! I mistakenly told him he was the only gentleman I had ever been called to do this for and the longest most detailed one. It was truth, yet I should’ve kept that to myself. The words for him were the most detailed of information I had ever received from God except for His words into my own life. 

This past year I had the opportunity to return to the city where this conference occurred. God asked me to tell this person, let’s call him Jim I was in town. I fought with God for awhile. Yes, I don’t always jump on an assignment. 🙂 After getting prayer, I told him. During that trip several divine appointments occurred. A lady from his church offered me a job, I met his sister in law who I adore, and was able minister to one of his friends. 

The string of divine appointments connected to this situation are too long to write about. Yet in summary, there were healings of bodies, healing of emotions, restoration of my ministering prophetically to other believers-my focus was marketplace ministry (felt safer than with Christians), freedom from fear of man, ministry connections, people encouraged and prophesied over, new prophetic intercession assignments established, and I can honestly say God knows what He’s doing. Even when I was not desiring to put myself out there again and again and again, God had already planned ahead for each hesitation and each time it was perfect timing. His timing is perfect. 

Months before connecting  with Jim’s sister in law I dreamed of sitting at a table with Jim and his friends/family. In the dream God brought me in and sat me at the table. This dream occurred exactly as I dreamed it would happen (including where people were seated) and I dreamed it before I even met the people who invited me to dinner with them. 

Financial Provision 

I failed to mention Anna ended up being a prayer assignment for a season. One day Holy Spirit prompted me to contact her and to declare blessing over her connections, finances, etc…the next day or so she was awarded a full scholarship for an internship. 

Listen and Obey 

If we listen and obey God, we can partner with Him to change a life. It’s not about us, it’s about being available. It’s God’s insight, love, wisdom, knowledge, healing, and goodness. I don’t know most of the people God sets up these connections with, God does. 

Who does God want to bless through you? I challenge you as I challenge my discipleship group to start the day asking, “Who do you want to bless through me today? Use me Lord!” Watch God wow you with His goodness. 



P.S You are SO deeply (John 3:16). 

Awakening and Harvesting (2015)

These are encouraging words, impressions, visions I felt the Father place on my heart for 2015. I hope they encourage you. Don’t give up on believing God is faithful to fulfill His promises to you. Certainly weigh everything against God’s word and be led by His Holy Spirit. You are deeply loved.


Awakening and Harvesting (2015)

There are many who have been sleeping and those who have been on the front lines feeling alone and defeated. 2014 was a year of sowing and for many it was sowing in tears. For others it was sowing in the secret places with God. For others it was sowing in the marketplace and fields. Daily sowing yet not seeing a harvest. It felt as though the tasks were mundane and unfruitful.

Some wanted to give up hope.
Some gave up hope.
Some dropped dreams in ditches and threw dirt over them.

Truly believe 2015 will be a year of awakening for those lost in slumber. Spiritual awakening for those caught in dead religion. Awakening for those just going through the motions. Supernatural spiritual growth for those who stay connected to Jesus and doors flinging wide open for those who have clung to His promises.

Those who have sown in tears reaping joy.
Those who have sown sacrificially into God’s Kingdom will see harvests springing up all around.
They will reap more than they have sown.

Have a vision of many laying right on the doorway to their destiny and promise, yet they’ve felt so defeated they have no energy to step over. I see there is help on the other side of the door and hear the words, “Don’t faint now! The harvest is plentiful. Don’t lose faith now. You can’t give up now.”

Though you’re weary and tired, God is not. You can rest in God’s arms. He’s refueling those who are worn out. Filling them up to be poured out again. Those who cease striving will sense God’s peace that surpasses understanding. They will stand under the massive shade of His provision. They will stand as oaks of righteousness.

Blessed are the sowers for their harvest is plentiful! God is not unjust to forget the labor of love and the things done for His people. He has not forgotten any promises He has made. He’s faithful to keep every single one.

See trees taking deeper roots to withstand strong winds and storms. They will bear fruit in every season and train up others to understand the ways of God. They will teach others how to thrive in difficulty.

Divine appointments and divine alignments in 2015. Sense God is connecting people who need to be connected for their alliances will prove extremely beneficial. 1 can chase a thousand and 2 ten thousand.

As stated in Dreams and Visions, I continue to see God raising up His Bride, cleansing her, unifying her, calling atrophied parts of the Body to movement, and sending her out to destroy evil in the world.

Stay encouraged. Stay focused on Jesus. Stay in His Word. Stay connected to Him and other like minded believers. Let’s stand firm in faith in 2015. We are deeply loved by God (John 3:16).