There Will Be Miracles (Manifesting Sonship Series Part VII)

When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt [profound] compassion for them and healed their sick,~Matthew 14:14 (Amp) 

Be kind and helpful to one another, tender-hearted [compassionate, understanding], forgiving one another [readily and freely], just as God in Christ also forgave you,~Ephesians 4:32 (Amp). 

Miracle: a wonderful or unusual event that is believed to be caused by the power of God. An extraordinary event involving divine intervention. 

Adaptation from online Webster Dictionary. 

One of the greatest miracles is salvation. 

The birth of Jesus is an extraordinary event that involved divine intervention. God provided a way for all of humanity to come to know Him. 

The life of Jesus is filled with miracles. Scripture tells us He was moved with compassion (sympathetic consciousness of others pain coupled with a desire to alleviate it). Fueled by love and compassion Jesus brought divine intervention into the lives of many. 

As followers of Jesus He encourages us to do as we see Him doing. He tells to freely give as we have freely received. We are to be the heart, hands, feet, and mouthpiece of Jesus in the world. 

Here are some Scriptures to confirm those words.  

Heart of God: 

I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too are to love one another. By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you have love and unselfish concern for one another,~Jesus (John 13:34-35). 

I find it interesting that Jesus did not say, “The world will know My disciples by their Bible knowledge or activities or church attendance.” He said the world would know His disciples by their love (agape) and unselfish love for one another. 

I’ve caught quite a bit a slack over the years for talking so much about the love of God. I’ve been told to talk about the severity, wrath, God’s anger over sin. 

Will God judge the world for their sins? Yes. Does God hate sin and evil? Yes. Is God weak? No. Does God conform to our culture and sinful desires? No. Is Godly sorrow and repentance required for salvation? Yes. 

My stance is what the Bible says. “God is love (agape). Those who do not love (agape) do not know God,”~1 John 4:8. I’ve found my role is to present the truth to people in love. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict hearts. It’s God’s job to issue out any eternal consequences for the unrepentant. He told me to love people. Even my enemies. 

What does love look like? Love looks like Jesus. 

It requires the supernatural work of God through us to love the unlovely.  It’s a miracle (extraordinary, amazing, divine work of God) to consistently love like Jesus. 

Hands of God: 

if your enemy is hungry; feed him. If he’s thirsty give him a drink,~Romans 12:20 (Amp). 

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give,~Matthew 20:8 (Amp). 

We are also encouraged to care for the poor (Proverbs 29:7). 

Being the hands of God means we are allowing God to work through us to bring miracles into the lives of people. Those miracles may be financial, physical, food, spiritual…

Some simply associate miracles with only healing; there are many acts of miracles that are provisional. 

Theses are two stories from this  past holiday weekend. I went to visit my dad and it often involves some ministry time. 

I was shopping with my dad and had to go to the ladies room. There was a lady in line complaining about her back pain. I felt led to ask her if I could pray, but she was talking. Finally I asked her if I could pray for her back. She exclaimed, “Yes!

God brought healing to her back (decreased her pain) the Walmart bathroom. She exclaimed, “I guess prayer does work!” Always amazed how the unchurched believe more in healing than some Christians. 

Also thankful for the visit with the sick, mentally ill, and spiritually oppressed yesterday. One man the nurse told me was quite hostile and aggravated. He’s known to be combative and have fits of rage. He wouldn’t let the first person pray with him. Yet he let me. I stood in awe while the Holy Spirit moved the heart of this moments earlier angry man to tears. He raised his hands at one point and cried out, “God with You nothing is impossible!” He let me hug him and he laughed with me. He stated, “Today is going to be a good day and next year a good year!!” He smiled his first smile of the day.

Others who overheard the prayer time cried out, “Pray for me too! I want God to heal me too!!!” 

It was a great afternoon of loving on people and watching God do what He does; love, heal, and deliver.

God’s Feet and Mouthpiece: 

Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated. And when they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted [that it was really He]. Jesus came up and said to them, “All authority (all power of absolute rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always [remaining with you perpetually—regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion], even to the end of the age.”~Matthew 20:16-20. 

We are told to go. We are told to make disciples of Jesus. We are told to teach others what Jesus is teaching us. How will the world know if no one goes? How will the sick be healed if no one prays? How will the spiritually oppressed find liberty if no one is willing to go to the nursing homes and mental hospitals to pray?  

If all the saved people are blessing and loving saved people, who is attending to the lost? Some people can’t come to our worship gatherings. Someone has to go for them. 

One of my greatest loves is street ministry.  I’ve seen the love of God in high capacity on the streets with the hurting, broken, dying, addicted, and diseased.

I purposefully chose a bench for my photo choice. We are not called to sit and receive until we die. Our attitude is not to be, “God bless me and no one else!

We are called to demonstrate to the world what God is like. We are representatives of the heart, hands, feet, and mouth of Jesus. Everyone gets to participate. It’s not simply for pastors. Every follower of Jesus is called to freely receive and freely give. 

I’ve gone through many situations where God brought the miracle without another human being. I know this is possible. He also loves to colabor with us. He gave His Spirit who empowers us to love, to serve, to go, to teach. 

Father I thank You for all You have done for us. Help us to abide in Your  love and power. May our hearts overflow with tremendous compassion for humanity. May the world see Christ in us, the hope of glory! 

Happy upcoming New Year! You are so deeply loved and prayed for. 

Erin Lamb 

A Good Father


Happy Father’s Day! 

Thank you to all the men in the world who have been great examples to their children, loved well, inspired, disciplined and corrected well, led by example, and have deposited identity and life into their children. You are appreciated. 

The only perfect Father I know is our Heavenly Father. Don’t get me wrong, my earthly father is super stellar. He’s also human, he also only represents half of the nature of God. You see God is Spirit. We call Him Father rightly so, yet out of Himself He created male and female (Genesis 1:27). Our Heavenly Father is able to do what we traditionally consider what a father and mother would do and without sin. Therefore, He’s the perfect Father. 

I wanted to thank and applaud the great men out there. I also wanted to encourage those who have earthly fathers who abandoned, were absent, abusive, unkind, unloving, neglectful, addicts, or never encouraged them. You are deeply loved! God is your father. You are not defined by your earthly fathers sin. If you’re in Christ, you’ve been adopted into a Royal family. Adopted children are special. They are no mistake; they are chosen and wanted. So, if that’s you…let me speak into your spirit right now…

Papa I speak life, love, and acceptance into every person without a Godly earthly father. I bind the orphan spirit. I release the spirit of adoption. I bind fear and insecurity and loose healing and love. I ask for identities rooted, deeply rooted in Christ. I bind every generational sin that may try to plague them. Holy Spirit come and break every chain! May they know the height, depth, width, and vast expanse of Your love. Overwhelm them today with love! Heal and restore. I loose a freedom to forgive every hurt and disappointment, in Jesus powerful name…amen. 

For those who’s fathers have passed away, lifting you up today. Our Heavenly Father never leaves or forsakes. He’s with you! He brings such comfort! I speak peace over your day. 

For the men without children, soon to be dads, or existing fathers, these are some things my Heavenly Father and earthly father taught me about this vital role in the family. 

A father loves well. It’s unconditional love that seeks what is best for the other person. It’s selfless love. It’s agape love. 

A father protects. He prays. His spiritual protection is so valuable. He doesn’t have to be the strongest man physically, he is strong in seeking the Lord for the protection of his family. My dad rises early every day to pray…like clockwork. 

A father provides. He provides a home free of control, bullying, strife, and chaos. He leads by being a servant. His wife and children know they have an advocate. He provides a place for God to be glorified. He places God at the center and provides a great example for his family by the way he lives and treats people. We didn’t grow up wealthy. My dad did make sure he provided a safe and stable place for us. He worked. He volunteered. He served. He cooked. He cleaned. He helped my mum. He took care of her when she was sick. He combed my hair (we shall burn some of those photos. Nice try dad). He provided a place where we knew he was for us. 

More than financial provision which society says is a man’s main contribution, I believe being present, contributing, providing leadership through serving, and investing in your family is one of the greatest gifts you can provide. Many kids have fathers who work non stop and have money, yet their children and wives don’t have them. 

A father provides identity. Our Heavenly Father gave us His name. There’s so much in a name. If you look around, the lack of identity has caused so many issues in our society. Mothers are so amazing. So are fathers. Fathers help establish identity in ways mothers cannot. Please don’t be upset with the messanger. God created men to express His attributes. This is one of those ways. If you’re a single mum, teach your son about God. Give him examples of Godly men if you can. Heavenly Father can do what humans cannot do. 

A good father has integrity and noble character. I cannot overstate this enough. He’s someone his son will imitate and his daughters will seek out men like him. 

A good father admits his faults and takes responsibility for his actions. He says, “How can I make this right?” 

He’s honest and faithful to keep his word. He’s dependable. 

A good father uses his words to build up, not tear down. He speaks life and blessing over his children. So many blessings are in scripture. Bless your wife and children. Words are powerful. Speak God’s words over them. 

A good father loves his wife! He’s faithful to her and the vows he made before God. She is his equal partner in Kingdom leadership. They may serve different roles at times, yet he does not treat her as a sidekick or inferior partner. He loves her as he loves himself. 

A good father is generous. Our Heavenly Father is so generous! It’s beyond comprehensible at times. Fathers love to give. I’ve seen this in my heavenly and earthly father. 

A good father corrects his children. He points them to truth and disciplines in love when they deviate off that path. 

If you’re a man and you’re saying, “Gosh those are big shoes to fill,” it’s true. Yet I’ve seen several men in my life get this right and their secret is they abide in Christ. They let the love of God flow through them and they allow the Holy Spirit to guide them. It’s not about perfection. It’s about abiding (John 15:5) and submitting to God. He has the Fathering thing down perfectly. He provides assistance to anyone who asks. 

You are so loved men! You are celebrated and appreciated!!! 🎉🙌🏼 Praying for and wishing for more great men in the world. Praying for you! You can not be replaced. You have a significant role in the Kingdom. We ladies want to see you succeed. We are cheering for you! I am cheering for you! 

Love in Christ,