I See the Cross (from the book I Thought I Knew What Love Was)


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I would love it if you check out I Thought I Knew What Love Was. You can purchase right here on the site there’s a link entitled Get Your Copy or you may purchase through these wonderful sites: http://www.westbowpress.com, http://www.barnesandnoble.com. and http://www.amazon.com or the iTunes store.

I thought I knew what love was until I encountered the King of the Universe. This book is filled with prayers, psalms, letters to God, & encouragement from God. I hope it blesses your heart. Here is an excerpt from the book.

I See the Cross Copyright 2011 © Erin Lamb.
I see the cross,
so vividly in front of me;
one nail pierced hand on the left
and another on the right.
I see His head hanging there
with the thorns positioned, oh, so tight.
I see the blood
dripping from the pure, spotless Lamb.
I kneel before Him
laying my sins,
all of them,
I see the cross.
I see the beauty of God’s unmerited favor
and His forgiveness.
I see love in the eyes of the One who took my place.
For no greater love lies within a person,
than to surrender His life for His friend.
I see the cross,
that rugged cross;
my freedom was purchased with His blood.
He has been and always will be,
the One who paid the greatest price.
I was purchased by His life’s offering.
I am forever seated with Him in the heavenlies,
and my name is written in His heart.
His children are seated next to Him in heavenly places,
for on the cross He did not remain.
He rose again with all power in His hands.
The same power that raised Him from the dead,
now lives inside of me.
It lives inside of you.
It is that great power at work in us
that changes us from the person we are,
into the person that He chose us to be.
It is that same power that transforms a wicked man
into a righteous man.
I see the cross;
my Deliverer
is hanging there.
He purchased my freedom,
my healing,
and every blessing in the heavenly realm.
Some blessings I see now,
and some are yet to be seen.
I see the cross.
Do you see Him?
Do you celebrate here;
the place where tattered rags of our wretchedness
are exchanged for a robe of righteousness?
This place, the place,
is where scarlet sins are washed white as snow.
This is the place we must go.
The cross is where miracles occur.
The greatest miracle of all
is that God would seek to be reconciled with a sinful world.
I see my Father’s love here.
He cared enough
to send His only Son to save the least, the last, and the lost.
I see the cross,
a reflection of what real love is.
Selfishness died on the cross
when He said, “Father not my desires, but all Your purposes be
Death was triumphed over on the cross
when He spoke, “It is finished.”
We know that we will see Him again,
and this life here is not the end.
We know that when the trumpet sounds,
the dead in Christ will rise again.
We know that we will have eternity to worship Him
and eternity to love Him.
I see the cross,
and it is all I must see.
Even if the world around me fades away,
I know that through my Savior I am
and made complete.
This body may fade and wither,
friends and family may come and go.
I have knelt before that rugged cross enough times to know
that my days are in His hands;
so are His purposes and His plan.
He is the reason I live.
He is the reason I rejoice.
No man would sacrifice his life,
put his very life in jeopardy, for someone who was guilty.
He gave His life,
so we may stand before Him completely unashamed.
Take a moment and look to the cross.
Ponder the wonderful cross.
I hope I find you there,
basking in the love of the Father.
He is the One who deeply loves you
and cares for you.
He is there
carrying your infirmities,
collecting every tear,
rejoicing when you rejoice,
and weeping when your soul has had its wear and tear.
You are never alone
and never abandoned.
I see the cross,
engrained forever in my memory.
The cross is a picture of the greatest love.
He is a love so true
and a love so dear.
He is a love that will never end.

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I Came For You

I Came For You

In reflection on the cross here are some words God pressed into my heart. Hope they bless yours.

“I came for you. Before the heavens were formed and the earth below I was thinking about you. I was thinking about how I would make you. You were on My mind. I held the pieces of your DNA in My imagination and I smiled. I smiled because I was about to speak life into someone who I loved. I loved you before anyone else would know you. I strategically picked your parents to create what would be My masterpiece. I came for you. I knew that I wanted you. I have always wanted you and to be known by you. I wait eagerly for you to awaken so I can spend the day with you. You are always in My thoughts, as a matter of fact, I never take My eyes off you. I LOVE you. I know everything there is to know about you, and I still smile over you. I did not come just to die so that you would have eternal life, but so that you would be able to enjoy the life I paid to give you. A life free of worry. A life free of oppression. A life free of loneliness, for I am with you always. I came to set you free; free from feeling anything other than cherished, loved, accepted, adored, cared for, and significant.

I came for you. I would do it all again, just so I could have the chance to be with you. I love you that much. I will always love you that much. I love you so much that I was willing and am willing to lay all that I am down for you. I was willing and I am willing to place myself in harm’s way so you can freely receive My forgiveness, love, freedom, mercy, and grace. That is why I came. So on this day may you bask in the love I have for you. Nothing can separate you from My love, not today or any day. I love YOU! Take the love you feel I have for you and multiply it by infinity, because it’s greater, it’s grander, and it is more powerful than any love you have ever felt. And don’t forget, I rose. I rose with all power in My hands and through Me you have been given access to do even greater things than I did. My Spirit empowers you to do amazing things. Death has been defeated! All that you need has been given. So hold your head up high, the King has paid your ransom and empowered you to do great and mighty things!

I believe in you. I believe in what I made. I take delight in you! So rise up My child and know that I came to give you the very best of Me. I love you now and always.”

You are deeply loved.