Happy New Year (God=love)

Happy New Year beautiful people!!

I won’t be posting daily in the future. I simply thought since it’s the start of a new year that we’d begin our journey together into the heart of God. I’m praying for you. Hope this journey will be an adventure…

So today you’ve started a new year and probably made some resolutions. Things you plan to do this year. You know what’s on God’s to do list: to love you, to pursue your whole heart, and to be known by you. He’s after your heart. He loves you!

God tells us, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb…”Jeremiah 1:5.

He speaks so sweetly,”Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you…” Jeremiah 31:3.

He goes a step further to save us. He came to save this planet from the powers of darkness, death, and sin. He sent His Son. Check it out.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world,” John 3:16-17.

Before Adam and Eve sinned, God already had a plan in place to redeem humanity. He knew what would happen, and He still created us. We blew it, so He sent His Son, the One He loved, to be the atoning sacrifice for all our past, present, and future sins. I might be willing to lay down my life for an innocent person, but a guilty one? Who would? God. God=Love.

So if you have not invited Him into your heart, I ask you to trust me when I say He loves you. He will change your life. He’s the key to life, freedom, and truth. He’s calling you by name. Won’t you invite Him in? Talk to Him like an old friend. Don’t be shy. He knows everything anyway, and He is looking at you with the eyes of love.

Your journey to knowing Him starts with believing He is God, believing He sent His Son born of a virgin to die for your sins (He knew no sin but became the sacrifice for all sins), and believing Jesus rose again defeating death. Next step confess your sins to Him and ask for forgiveness. If you are angry with someone and need to forgive them, it’s the perfect time to do that as well. Invite Him into your heart, and receive His forgiveness. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. His sacrifice covers it all. Once you’ve invited God into your heart, guess what, you have just been given a new life! Get connected to a Christian church, start reading the Bible (recommend you start with the New Testament book of John). Talk to God. It may not seem natural at first, but prayer is simply talking to Him.

You’re on your way! There’s no guilt and no shame. He makes all things new. He has great plans for you. If you invited God into your heart, Heaven is having a big party for you! Whooohooo! You’ve just joined a Royal Family, God’s family.

For those of you who already took the first plunge of salvation, thanks for your patience. I think it’s great to be reminded of what God did for us. We are accepted based solely on what Jesus did for us, for we can not do anything to earn salvation. It’s a gift through faith.

My encouragement is that there is always more. More to know about Him. Like any relationship it grows over time and involves interaction. He’s open to being known. He enjoys pursuing and being pursued. As soon as we think we have Him figured out, He reveals something new. How exciting! Are you eager for more? Let’s dive in to know more about Him.

Here are some closing thoughts:

God thought we were worth dying for. His love prompted His plan for redemption.

God is holy. No person can stand before Him as sinless (except Jesus)*. Jesus came so you and I could be cleansed of sin, through belief and relationship with Him. The price for sin was paid in full by Jesus. We have full access to God through relationship with Jesus. We become joint heirs with Him. We are clothed in His righteousness.

God is for us and thinks highly of us. He’s not out to get us or destroy us. He saves, delivers, redeems, heals, gives life, and forgives.

God has mysteries He wants to reveal to our hearts. He wants to cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with us.

God is longing to take our relationship with Him to a deeper level.

God has the best plan for our lives. If it looks like a mess, hang in there. His work is always perfect. Invite Him in and watch Him perform the miraculous.

God wants our hearts. He already knows all there is to know about us and wants to be the greatest lover of our souls! He can’t take His eyes off us.

So here’s to a new year, a new adventure, and a journey that I hope gives us all a deeper revelation of His love. May we know the height, the depth, the width, and the intensity of this amazing love. God=love. Bless you friends.

Love in Him,


*Romans 3:23

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