Perfect Love

Perfect Love
By Erin Lamb

God is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. God is good to all. He has compassion on all that He has made. ~paraphrase of Psalm 145:8-10.

God is good, and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. ~Psalm 100:5

Have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever felt as though God was trying to punish you through bad things happening?

Well, I recall having conversations with God where I asked why I didn’t feel His love. I recall going to Him in times of tragedy looking for what I needed to learn from it instead of crawling up into His love as a safe place.

Over the years I’ve found that His love is perfect. The times when I did not feel His love were the times where I expected it to flow perfectly from those who claimed to be His children, times when I was lead by emotions, and times of intense trials and tribulations.

The truth is that God is love. Faith says, “Even when I don’t feel loved, I believe that God is love.” Faith says, “Though I do not always understand His ways, I can trust His heart.” Faith says, “His word is truth whether my emotions line up or not.” It boils down to this one word, “Faith.”

Investigating the questions:

If God’s Spirit is in His children, why do they behave in un-loving ways?

People are human and therefore come with flaws. We will not find perfect love in another human being. We may find people who make us feel loved from time to time, but they will never be able to replace God or fill our need for His love. I truly believe God allows us sometimes to be disappointed by people so we will see only He is perfect. Only He loves perfectly. When we elevate people above Him or even on the same level as God, we will always be disappointed. He wants our pure devotion to be to Him. Only He completes the human heart.

If God loves me, why do so many bad things happen to me and in the world?

I dare not try to answer this fully. I can say that some of the bad things that happen are simply a result of living in a fallen world. Some of the bad things happen because Jesus said in the world we would have tribulation, but to take heart as He overcame the world. Some bad things happen due to the fact this isn’t heaven. Some bad things happen because of our sin or the sins of others. Some bad things happen due to a lack of prayer. Some bad things happen as a result of our bad choices and decisions.

When life is hard, run to Him. Only He has all the answers. Only He knows all and sees all. I’ve found He does not answer all my questions, but He always responds with love. I’ve learned He is faithful to tell me what I need to know. I’ve learned He is more interested in drawing me close to His heart than beating me down with harsh circumstances. I’ve learned He’s the best friend I’ve ever had. And while my heart still bows in respect, honor, and admiration for Him, I still trust that His eyes are flooded with love and through Jesus I can go boldly to His throne.

Whatever you face and however you feel, my prayer is that you know that God loves you! You may be hurting right now, but He longs to comfort, heal, and shower you with love. He is the safest person you can go to! He is overflowing with compassion. He is overflowing with love. He is the only One who understands you perfectly, loves you perfectly, and can do more for you than anyone can! It’s God. It will always be Him standing with arms wide open ready to be there for you.

Closing prayer:

“Abba shower us with hope, healing, and Your agape love. Remove any barriers to receiving Your perfect love. You love us! May we believe it, feel it, and experience it every day!”

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