A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

  (Love note from Abba to you)

Written By Erin Lamb©

May 2012

Before the heavens were formed and the earth below,

I had an idea of a gift I would bestow.

A gift from My heart to your heart.

I have given you My gift to the world.

I have given you the gift of having a child.

What joy I had to place My heart inside your heart.

I have given you a gift and a treasure,

so you may experience even more love than you’ve ever felt.

I was delighted, oh, so delighted,

for you to see what I see and feel what I feel.

The love that wells in your heart for your child does not begin to compare

to the love in My heart for you.

If you bottled it up and poured it out,

it would be more than the world could hold.

More than the span of the galaxies,

My love pours into your heart

stretching and expanding its capacity so that you can love even more.

As My love pours in,

you pour love out.

You give sacrificially,

laying down all that you are for the child you call your own.

No act of love you’ve shown has gone unnoticed, or undocumented.

Each act of love is engraved permanently in My heart.

How I love you!

How I adore you,

and today I celebrate you!

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there (spiritual and natural moms)”

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