You’re My Favorite

What I’ve learned about God through painting

By Erin Lamb, all rights reserved.

I am by no means a professional artist. However, I love to paint. I have loved painting since I was a child. Every painting is a treasure because it was birthed from my imagination. I think of the vast imagination of God. He is the most ingenious being in the Universe. If you look around, you will see His greatness painted on this canvas called earth. Every person was birthed in His mind before the foundations of the earth. He pulled out His living paint brush and began to create. Every pink sunrise and vivid sunset is a reminder of His creative genius. He took great care in creating the most sophisticated things in the world. Everything was made by Him and for Him.

So what about you? You are one of His favorites. You might say that is a little bold and God doesn’t have favorites. Well, you are His favorite you. He only made one of you and therefore you are His favorite you.

I have been obsessed with painting trees or butterflies the past few months. Every painting has trees or butterflies, but no painting looks exactly the same. Even though they are all paintings that contain trees or butterflies, each one is my favorite. Each one has tremendous value. Others may look at the rows of paintings and say, “I like the lean trees, they are prettier.” Or someone else might say “I like the richness of the larger trees and the beauty in the diversity of the bark.” Or they may say, “I love the colors of this butterfly.” The truth is I am the artist. All the paintings have the same value to me. I hate to part with any of them. I hate to choose which one I like the best. They are each the best to me. They are mine. I created them. They are all fine-looking to me. If someone asked me which painting was my favorite I would say, “They are all my favorites. I love them all.”

God is the finest artist. He looks over the earth and smiles on what He has made. Since every living creature originated from His mind first, each creature has immense value. He says to you,I love you. I knew you before you were a thought in your parent’s minds. You were made by Me and for Me. You have tremendous value. No one can take your place. I breathed life into My imagination to make you. The way you look, the way you sound, and your capabilities were designed by Me.”

There is freedom when we recognize that we all have immeasurable value. We are not a mistake. The great artist says “You’re My favorite you.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, or even what you think of yourself. You are valuable. You are a gift. You are priceless. Listen to the words of the One who loves you more than anyone ever could. He loves you. God loves you, and to Him you were an excellent idea.

4 thoughts on “You’re My Favorite

  1. Pi-e-t Christian Apparel says:

    Simply beautiful. Keep on being a “lamp” and let your light shine so you bring hope to others. God bless you.

  2. Ben Nelson says:

    Thanks Erin, this is really great. I have a friend who wrote a similar blog only he used his grandchildren. Each of the 13 is his favorite. I love your take on us being God’s creative expression and so His favorite. Good Word!

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