I Will Never Leave You (Poem)-The Perfect Father

One of the problems we face in our world is the lack of fathering. The family unit is not the way it would be if Adam and Eve never sinned. I am not simply picking on fathers as mothers have issues as well. I did want to write something for all the people with “daddy” issues. All the people in the world who have been hurt, abandoned, rejected, and negatively impacted by an earthly father, this is for you. For some it may be you feel  as though God abandoned, neglected you, or a feeling God is angry with you…so here goes.

I Will Never Leave You (Poem)

By Erin Lamb, all rights reserved.

Woven through the interior of My heart is everything there is to know about you.

I know you.

You were My grand idea.

Oh, how I would put My creativity on display.

I smiled the day you entered the world.

I said, “That’s My child, the one I love. The one I have made.”

Oh, what joy!

What a glorious day.

You can search the world over to find out who you are,

and who you are meant to be.

What you will find is

your true identity can only truly be found in Me.

Before the world was made,

you were a part of Me;

an extension of My thoughts,

a perfect idea of beauty.

You were and are My child,

and there is no step I would not have taken;

to save you,

to rescue you,

and to show you,

that I will never leave or forsake you.

My love and committment to you is steadfast,

and sustained by a covenant seal of My Son’s blood.

The invitation is always open

for you to know Me, to be with Me, and experience My love.

I want to be with you for all of eternity.

This world will bring you sorrow.

This world will bring you pain.

This world will bring you disappointments,

but My love for you will remain.

Draw near to Me.

Lean on Me.

Find safety and security in Me.

Encounter a love that will set you free.

Though I know all of your shortcomings,

I choose you to be with Me.

My love is relentlessly pursuing the ability to abide in the deepest corridors of your heart.

I long for you to know the height, the width, and the breath of My love.

It is a love that will change your life

in ways you never thought you’d know.

My love is here for the taking.

It’s a love I want you to know.

Take a leap of faith!

Trust that I love you.

Believe that I am for you.

Cling to the truth that I want the very best for you,

and I desire a relationship that makes your life truly whole.

My dear friends, God loves you. It amazes me that in spite of who we are and who we are not, God daily pursues His children for relationship. Despite what anyone has told us about Him, there is no greater love in the entire world. His love is not dependent on us, it’s who He is. Like a human parent loves their child despite their behavior, God loves us. He doesn’t give us a license to live as we wish, as He is holy. There are consequences for our actions. So, He offers us this gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. The opportunity to have every past and present sin completely forgiven forever, an eternity with Him in paradise, a friendship with a Perfect Friend, an Advocate to help us live an abundant life, and so much more…  

Even if my father and mother abandon me, God will take care of me,~Psalm 27:10.



4 thoughts on “I Will Never Leave You (Poem)-The Perfect Father

  1. enochenochenoch says:

    I’ve just started here with “I Will Never Leave You”. I plan to read all. I normally only read the Bible and not much else. You may have just added your inspirations to my short list of reading.

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