Saturday Devotion (Love looks like Jesus) 

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Morning Devotion: Love is costly. If it cost us nothing, it means nothing. Love looks like someone; Jesus. 

Love is a misunderstood word and overused word in our world. 

God is love. He is agape love. Agape is unconditional, sacrificial, and unselfish love. This love would die to save the guilty, most wretched sinner. 

Jesus gave His life for us while we were yet sinners. We were God haters, slanders, selfish, indifferent, prideful, full of lust, greed, and immorality. 

The Father said, “I love you so much, I am willing to give My most precious Son in exchange for you.” Jesus said, “Take My life instead and save them.” 

We all know He did not remain dead, yet He suffered greatly to love us to life. He turns around in John 13:34 and says, “As I have agape loved you, agape love one another.” 

As I have laid down all pride, lay yours aside. 

As I have laid down selfishness, lay yours aside. 

As I have sought to empower others, empower others. 

As I have forgiven, so you must forgive. 

As I have chosen a life of love, abide in Me and choose love. 

As I have come to serve and not be served, seek to serve others. 

As I have demonstrated lavish love, demonstrate lavish love. 

As I have loved those who do not love Me, love those who do not love you. 

As I surrendered fully to the Father, you surrender fully to the Father. 

He walked the way of love. Love will cost us something. Agape only flows from God through us. He is the Source. We must receive first from Him for it to flow through us to others. 

Our flesh wants to promote, “Me first. What about me. Bless me. Help me. Be there for me. What is best for me (all the time-not just in cases where it is quite necessary to consider your needs about another’s wants).” 

God loves says, “What about you? How can I bless you? How can I serve you? How can I be there for you? What can I do to add value?” 

If you love like God, let Him love through you, be prepared for the following. It happened to Jesus, it will happen to you. 

If you love like Jesus, you will be misunderstood. People will question your motives. 

If you love like Jesus, you may have your heart broken. People grieve the Holy Spirit too. We can hurt God.

If you love like Jesus, you may encounter those who seek to take and never give. They will see your love as an opportunity for selfish gain.

If you love like Jesus, you may find God is one of the only ones who loves you like this.

Let’s be positive…

If you love like this, you will bring so much glory to God and fulfill His command to love others as He loves you (John 13:34). 

If you love like this, you are a champion in heaven racking up heavenly rewards. 

If you love like this, thank you for being light-a demonstration of Jesus in a dark world. 

If you love like Jesus, you possess a superpower that wages war against all the powers of hell. Love is a mighty weapon that cuts through all the darkness. 

The devil can not love like God. He can lust, boast, pretend, say love is accepting sin (not love at all) and even preach the word. He knows Bible; He cannot live it or love like God. He cannot agape. He can try to mimic love, yet he fails to walk in  love because there is no love in him.  

When you and I agape love-we show the world Jesus and the Father. 
Love looks like someone; Jesus. 

Just in case no one tells you today, you are so deeply loved. I pray for you. Jesus lives to intercede for you. You are not alone in this great big world! God bless you, exceedingly, abundantly, above ALL you could ask or imagine. 

Love in Christ, 

Erin Lamb 

5 thoughts on “Saturday Devotion (Love looks like Jesus) 

  1. Susan Irene Fox says:

    “He walked the way of love. Love will cost us something.”
    Erin, it boggles my mind when people equate this kind of love with weakness. When they rail against it, and say, “Jesus wasn’t a weakling!” On the contrary, our God is powerful; Jesus is powerful. Love is powerful. Love is courageous. Love is dangerous.
    You cannot be a weakling or timid or a coward and love. It takes strength and fearlessness and a sacred honor for agape love.

    “If you love like God, let Him love through you.” Amen.

    • Erin Lamb says:

      Yes this love makes you a warrior. Jesus loved fearlessly. It takes extreme faith, courage, and vulnerability to love like God. It certainly does not make one weak, yet being vulnerable with people can make one feel weak. I think lovers are the strongest!! Bless you.

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