Jesus the Greatest Prophet

Morning Devotion: The Role & Purpose of a Prophet. Prophets do more than prophesy (speak forth the word and will of God), they are transformational agents who deliver solutions and reveal the heart of the Father.

The greatest prophet to walk this earth is Jesus of Nazareth. It was not Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Deborah, or Moses. Jesus is the perfect model for the prophet. If you desire anyone’s anointing, let it be Jesus.

Jesus walked in love, wisdom, and power. He knew when to be direct and when to speak in parables. He knew how to address religious leaders and hypocrites and could sit with the sinner. He overflowed with compassion and love.

There was no pride nor a critical spirit in Jesus. When He saw problems He also saw and spoke solutions. His agenda was repentance, restoration, and reconciliation of a sinful world to the Father.

Prophets are more than ones who speak, they initiate change and point to repentance. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Look and see what God is doing, get on board. Turn your ear and hear what God is saying, adjust your mind to align with His.

God is the ultimate authority and calls and commissions agents of transformation on earth. Prophets have an assignment and linked to that assignment is mandate to release, speak, and see heaven invade the earth. Prophets shift not only the spiritual atmosphere, they shift culture, organizations, and congregations.

Prophets see and/or hear the heart of the Father and their role is not just to tell people like it is. It is to provide revelation that increases intimacy with God. People are transformed by intimacy with God. Flowery words are not the same as a prophetic key that unlocks a heart which unlocks a destiny. Intimacy with God increases revelation which leads to transformation. Transformed people transform cities. Transformed cities, transform lives.

The true prophet reveals the heart and will of the Father. Jesus said, “I only do what I see the Father doing.” A true prophet is rooted in the love of God.

It is false a prophet is a fortune teller and also false their role is to hand out candy coated words that make people feel good yet never connect them with the will of God. Jesus did not do that, nor did any true prophet of the Bible. Being rude, critical, and harsh are also not the model of Jesus, nor is denying truth or repentance. Jesus did not lie nor tell people what they wanted to hear. He told them the truth in love.

The prophet wipes the smeared lenses to reveal a clearer picture of who God is, what God is highlighting, and the will of God. The prophet often stands up for God’s truth in a time of compromise and immorality. The prophet stands against oppression, idolatry, immorality, and injustice. The prophets of old were persecuted greatly for cutting against the grain and upholding God’s truth which was counter to culture.

Heaven is constantly moving towards intimacy with humanity. Heaven rejoices when one sinner repents. Heaven is looking for relationship and not second hand relationship. Prophets do not replace God, they point to God. They issue an invitation that invites humanity into relationship with the heart and will of God.

Everyone who prophesies is not a prophet. Prophets are chosen, selected, called, commissioned, and assigned by God. True prophets are not self appointed, they are God ordained. God sets up His own training program for prophets. Many prophets go on to train other prophets. Prophets do not just speak, they equip and invite others into learning and hearing the voice and heart of God.

Once again if we are to ask for anyone’s leadership in the prophetic or call of a prophet, may it be Jesus. May we desire the anointing of Jesus to flow uncontaminated. He is the visible representation of the heart and will of the Father.


Erin Lamb

Becoming like Jesus (weekend devotion)

Morning Devotion:

Sanctification is a process (becoming more like Jesus in our soul-the mind, will, emotions). 

I have a friend who believes there is no God. Interesting relationship, eh? I love God deeply. I care about my friend too. We have had some interesting dialogue about Christianity. Sharing some with you. 

Only Jesus perfectly represented the Father in human form. I have met Christians who claim no flaws, yet those around them can testify this is so false. 

We never know when we meet someone how close their walk is with Jesus, how much of their life is submitted to Him, their heart, their experiences. Therefore it is best to look to Jesus to know what the Father is like. 

The church has not arrived at reflecting Him with no flaws (this includes me). We are all in process-those who abide in Him going from glory to glory. And there are some who do not abide and can behave just like the devil. Pray for them and know becoming like Jesus in character is a process, a journey. It requires abiding and intimacy with Him (John 15:4-5). Grace baby grace…

Being a “Christian” is hard. Following and being with Jesus is so much easier. “Christian” can come with labels, ideas, boxes, traditions of man, cultural things, and conditions I do not always meet. 

Jesus accepts me through my faith and relationship in Him. He did not give me 10,000 firery hoops to jump through. He did not give me a packet that said, “Look this way, sound this way, go to this church, you must be married-have lots of children, homeschool them, be quiet, you have too much passion-dial that down, sing softer, you vote this way, and no you cannot do anything except children’s ministry.” 

I am not against marriage, children, or children’s ministry. I am making a point that following Jesus is about relationship with Jesus-not the things people call “Christian”. 

Jesus never tried to force me into anything. He came and loved. He came and He forgave. He comes and reveals truth. He leads in sacrificial love and gently. He said, “Come as you are. Believe in Me. Lay your past mishaps before Me. Let Me change you from the inside out.” 

Yes, there are guidelines outlined in His word. He does not try to shame or guilt me into doing them. He loves so deeply and models how His way leads to tremendous blessing. You fall in love with Jesus, He loves you back intensely, then you realize He only wants the very best for you and He is pointing to what brings life-so you yield out of love. Sometimes you do not wish to or feel like it, but love motivates you to keep on following. 

Jesus does not spend each day telling me how awful I am, criticizing my weaknesses, looking at my past, nor trying to mold me into cookie cutter image of Suzy Super Christian. He and the Holy Spirit continually reveal who they are, who the Father is and their righteousness, holiness, and virtues.

I am changing by His love, by being with Him, through intimacy, and submitting to Him. And I am not like everyone else. He never told me to be like anyone else. He repeats over and over, “Look at Me.” As I behold Him I am changing into who He created me to be, His idea, His workmanship, and one to reflect His heart. 

So in summary, look at Jesus. Stay connected to Jesus. By no other name can anyone be saved (Acts 4:12). Sanctification is a process so give yourself and others lots of love, compassion, mercy, and grace. The world is challenging enough. We do not need more people beating us up for our imperfections. Only God is perfect. Everyone else is a WIP-work in progress. May we continually abide in Him and bear good fruit. 🍑🍐🍇🍏🍌🍎


Erin Lamb