Me and Abba (The Perfect Father)

It’s good to look back and reflect on what God has done. The next two posts will give you a glimpse on my walk with God (The Perfect Father). I hope it inspires you.

Scripture tells us to forget those things which are behind and to press towards what is ahead, Phil 3:13. It also tells us to remember all the good things God has done for us. Let us not forget the things He has seen us through. Here’s a simple recap for me of the last 10 years.

In the past 10 years I’ve lost a parent (my adopted mom), who was my best friend. She died the year I graduated college. Watching her die was the worst thing I have ever lived through. She was one of the best things that ever happened to my life, and I will miss her forever. I’ve seen both my parents battle cancer. I watched my biological mom lose her job, her car, her home, endure endless pain and suffering, and endure 7 major surgeries due to a hit and run accident that nearly destroyed her body. I’ve battled my own health issues, emotional issues, and baggage from years of bad things happening and traumas. I’ve had 3 lovely stalkers, ditched one extremely verbally abusive boyfriend, survived multiple near death experiences, and endured many a relational drama. Looking back I see a person held together by the hand of God.

There’s no way I could have survived everything that happened without Him. I only gave you a summary, there’s so much more He’s seen me through. He’s everything. And though there were days where I would wish for home, He never let me go. Suffering and I were bedfellows. But I tell you that no matter how bad it hurts today, God never fails. Gosh, I wish I could rid the world of pain and suffering, but it’s here until He returns. Our comfort rests in the truth that God steps into suffering; He heals, comforts, delivers, and restores.

There is one Man who will carry you when you cannot even lift your head. He is Jesus. I take no glory in my own strength because it fails. I do lean my head on the chest of the One who took nails for me. He did it for you too! So, my prayer today is that you find hope in Jesus. He will never leave or forsake you. I can’t promise much, but I can bet my life on that one thing….Why? Because I am still alive, healthy, and still standing!

Look back at the things God has seen you through…you will see that even when it hurt to breathe, He never let you go. He will never let you go. And the sweetest thing is that God not only saves, He heals, and He delivers. 

Have a very blessed week.



P.S You are deeply loved! Today and every day.

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