Divine Appointments (Miracle Series)


God accomplishes quite a bit of His will through people. You and I have the opportunity to partner with Him to change the lives of others. 

These are a few stories on God setting up divine appointments. If you don’t believe in them, check out the story of Ruth and Boaz, Saul on the road to Demascus, Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood, Jesus and the woman at the well, Mary (the mother of Jesus) and the Angel…

Suicide Prevention

Operation God is Love is a ministry started Spring 2014 to reach people on the street and spiritually dark areas of our city. We pray before we go out for divine appointments, for God to put people on our path that need His love, healing, and delivering power. 

One of the ladies on the team suggested one afternoon we wait to hear if God would give us clues on who He wanted to minister to. I had the word “blue sweatshirt,” pop up in my head during prayer. I wrote it down, yet thought…”that was so random.” 

When we went out there was one older man riding a bike in a blue sweatshirt. We didn’t stop for him, yet told him we’d catch up with him later. We were attending to another homeless man. 

When we found him, let’s call him Rodney, he was sitting on a ledge looking somber. We stopped, chatted for awhile, and asked what he’d like Jesus to do for him. He stated he wanted to die. He had planned out his death already, the exact details of how he’d end his life. We prayed for him, for the spirit of suicide to lift off him. He said he felt lighter and promised us suicide was no longer an option. We actually got him to smile.😊

I know God wanted us to pray for Rodney. So that random thought during prayer wasn’t random at all. 

Restored Hope

Another girl we will call Susie was selling newspapers on the street. We stopped and asked if we could pray for her. She agreed. I told her I had a vision of our Heavenly Father handing her presents. They were gift wrapped especially for her. Her desires mattered to God. She began to weep. After hearing her story, it was apparent that God was the originator of that vision. I did not know this woman. God did. She was praying God would give her the gift of being with her son on Christmas. She lost him when she became homeless yet God had provided a place for her now and employment. 

Prophetic Utterances, Healing, and Deliverance

Once while on missions in Brazil the leader asked us to come up and ask God to speak to us for the people they called forward. I was terrified. It was a large conference and well introverts don’t love focused attention. The lady they placed in front of me seemed like an average teenage girl. Yet as I repeated what I sensed God was saying, she began to come undone. Weeping went to sobbing to wailing. I wasn’t prophesying negativity. Whatever I said, I don’t recall any of it, it cut right into her heart. She encountered Holy Spirit in a profound way, He encountered her. She was healed and delivered of several tormenting spirits that day. Yeah God! Once God was done she just beemed with joy. Her face was different, she just radiated.

Connections, Prophetic Intercession, God’s Incredible Timing

One of the longest strings of divine appointments started several years ago at a conference in my state. I took my young adult group. That Sunday we went to a local church near the conference. I met a group of young revivalist attending ministry school in California. They prayed for us and we made Facebook connections. 

No big deal right? A year later there’s another conference and I meet up with one of the people from that group, let’s call her Anna. Anna pulls us out of a session to meet some of her fellow ministry school friends. They spoke so many prophetic and destiny words over us. We did the same. Went home. No big deal right? 

Well a year or so passes and God begins to give me words, pictures, impressions, visions, for one of the gentlemen from that group. I told God, “I’m not sharing these things with a stranger, especially not a man. Please don’t ask me to do this.” 

So, I held onto them for awhile, yet God repeated Himself. When I finally got the courage the person receiving stated the timing was perfect and the words fit his life. We’d met once on the lawn of a conference. 

Fast forward and for two years when this person needed prayer, encouragement, etcetera…God would stir me. It was facing hurdle after hurdle of overcoming fear, and fear of man. I’d rather be anonymous especially when ministering this way. Yet God was persistent in do it again. Send again…and again with no mention of a stop date! Oh Lord! I mistakenly told him he was the only gentleman I had ever been called to do this for and the longest most detailed one. It was truth, yet I should’ve kept that to myself. The words for him were the most detailed of information I had ever received from God except for His words into my own life. 

This past year I had the opportunity to return to the city where this conference occurred. God asked me to tell this person, let’s call him Jim I was in town. I fought with God for awhile. Yes, I don’t always jump on an assignment. 🙂 After getting prayer, I told him. During that trip several divine appointments occurred. A lady from his church offered me a job, I met his sister in law who I adore, and was able minister to one of his friends. 

The string of divine appointments connected to this situation are too long to write about. Yet in summary, there were healings of bodies, healing of emotions, restoration of my ministering prophetically to other believers-my focus was marketplace ministry (felt safer than with Christians), freedom from fear of man, ministry connections, people encouraged and prophesied over, new prophetic intercession assignments established, and I can honestly say God knows what He’s doing. Even when I was not desiring to put myself out there again and again and again, God had already planned ahead for each hesitation and each time it was perfect timing. His timing is perfect. 

Months before connecting  with Jim’s sister in law I dreamed of sitting at a table with Jim and his friends/family. In the dream God brought me in and sat me at the table. This dream occurred exactly as I dreamed it would happen (including where people were seated) and I dreamed it before I even met the people who invited me to dinner with them. 

Financial Provision 

I failed to mention Anna ended up being a prayer assignment for a season. One day Holy Spirit prompted me to contact her and to declare blessing over her connections, finances, etc…the next day or so she was awarded a full scholarship for an internship. 

Listen and Obey 

If we listen and obey God, we can partner with Him to change a life. It’s not about us, it’s about being available. It’s God’s insight, love, wisdom, knowledge, healing, and goodness. I don’t know most of the people God sets up these connections with, God does. 

Who does God want to bless through you? I challenge you as I challenge my discipleship group to start the day asking, “Who do you want to bless through me today? Use me Lord!” Watch God wow you with His goodness. 



P.S You are SO deeply (John 3:16). 

The Awesome Power of God (Miracle Series)

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him,~Matthew 7:9-11. 

The Bible says we overcome the evil one by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. There’s a fuel that’s poured on our faith when we hear the stories of others overcoming! 

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s awesome power; creating the world and every living creature from His imagination, speaking through a burning bush, providing manna from heaven and quail for His people, sending His Son through a virgin, raising the dead, cleansing lepers, multiplying fish and loaves, multiplying oil, leading by a pillar of fire, parting the Red Sea, defeating armies and giants, delivering His people from the grips of slavery and death…from Genesis to Revelation there’s story after story of miracles

All you need is to pick up the Word of God. God is not limited. If He doesn’t do something, it’s not because He can’t. 

I wanted to post more stories of miracles because I believe in God’s power to move mountains. I also believe if people saw and heard of more miracles today, it would fuel theif faith. God hasn’t ceased being powerful! 

If you ever spend time with me, you’d probably be surprised. I laugh quite a bit. I have a child like giggle. I love to play, especially with my heavenly Papa. I’m such a child with Him. I’m part 5 year old, part 100 year old. I am a young adult who feels I’ve been with God for eternity. Why do I tell you this?  Because when you read these stories I want you to understand that I am not super impressive. God is! 

I listed last post some of the physical healings I’ve encountered and seen. What about other miracles…today I share some of those. 

Financial Breakthroughs…

I had a double major in college. I studied chemical engineering for three years, then switched to civil/environmental. Even with scholarships I came out of college with debt. I told the Lord I wanted to be debt free to help more people. The mountain in front of me was quite large. 

Here’s what God did. He provided a job that allowed overtime and a boss who liked to give bonuses. I worked 3 jobs my last year, had a full course load, and still managed to graduate with a B average. That’s a miracle. He sent someone to pay a third of my student loan debt. The list goes on and on…that massive mountain is now a hill. Because nothing is impossible for God. He has unlimited resources. Money is not an issue for God. 

There’s someone I know who’s a business owner and had tons of taxes to pay and the business was sinking and she was praying for help or someone to buy her out. She texted me. I prayed a prayer of breakthrough. God’s able. An hour later a client called and gave her enough for the taxes plus extra. The same week more people called to use her business. She’s rebounding.

Sometimes we are used to bring breakthrough to others because we’ve gotten breakthrough. 

Marriages restored…. 

I’ve never been married. I can only speak of the people I know and have prayed for. Names not used to protect privacy. 

One couple was in despair due to his addiction and their inability to have children. It was a very bad situation. We prayed…and prayed…the husband eventually gave himself fully to God and gave up his pornography addiction. He was healed and delivered. A year or so later, they had their first child. We call her the miracle baby! 😊

Another couple was headed for divorce due to his verbal abuse and mistreatment of his wife. The entire marriage was filled with abuse and control. We prayed…prayed…prayed…I gave the wife a book on love written by a well known Christian author. She gave it to her husband to read. He broke down in tears and confessed his sins to God and his wife. Their marriage has been completely restored. God turned a heart of stone into a soft one. Yeah God!


I want everyone to go to heaven…don’t you? I spent a long time praying for my family. I spent many years being rejected by certain people because I talked about Jesus too much, I was preachy….this past year in a period of a few months ALL my siblings came to know Jesus. Even the one who was super opposed to Jesus. He found himself facedown on New Year’s Eve praying in the Spirit. A radical conversion. 

We sow the seeds, we trust God to bring the plow. No word from Him fails or returns void. 


I told you I’ve cheated death about 7 times. Yet one of the greatest stories is God protecting me from coworkers. My first job in my field out of college I was met with persecution. My program manager hated me. A girl on my team tried to turn everyone against me. They’d sabatoge trials, lie, gossip, bully, try to get me fired, talk down to me….it was a hostile work environment. I went to HR….they were not super helpful. My bosses at the time were the opposite of helpful. I wanted to quit many times. So, my family and I went to God in prayer. Fasting and praying. After 4 years of being bullied, God moved me from under her and those teams. I lost many programs…it was hard. I’d go in the bathroom and cry. I am not a big crier (unless it’s with God). Yet the hell I was walking through was unbearable some days. Yet through grace, God never allowed me to retaliate. After I left those program that woman walked up to me and said, “I know the Spirit of God is in you.” She gave her life to Jesus. I lost years, yet God allowed me to be promoted twice since then and now I oversee the largest test team in our unit. It was my Saul and David, Joseph experience. Yet through it all God protected and promoted. 

There are more stories of God’s protection yet I will save those for later…

What’s your mountain? God is so much bigger! What are you afraid of? God is so much stronger. He’s really good. Just like He gave Job double for his trouble, King David a kingdom, Jospeh prominance, Jesus a seat at His right hand….you can trust that linking your life to God will be good. It may not be until heaven until you see the good that’s accomplished. Or it may be this side of heaven. Hang on. I know it’s hard. Been there. Walked through some steep valleys I never thought I’d make it through. I have cried myself to sleep at night. I know sweet friends….but God! He’s 100% faithful! 

Father I ask for every person reading this to cast their burdens on You. I ask for miracles in their lives. I decree and declare breakthrough in every area held up or bound up by the evil one. I release peace, joy, love, and hope! Fan the flame of their faith. In Jesus powerful name. Amen. 

Miracles (Intimacy with God Series Part XII)

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!~Jesus (Matthew 10:8).

Jesus felt sorry for them and touched their eyes. Instantly they could see! Then they followed him,~Matthew 20:34. 

I believe in miracles. Mainly because I believe in Jesus. He was and is a miracle worker. 

One of the greatest miracles is salvation. That God could and would take a sinful person and change their life completely, washing them white as snow, and that He would send His Spirit to abide in mankind.

A miracle is defined as: 

  • 1. An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God. 
    • 2. One that excites admiring awe; a wonderful or amazing event, act, person, or thing.

    When people say God doesn’t perform miracles today, I smile and laugh. If they are talking to me, they are looking at a miracle. Before I was conceived my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was also told she wouldn’t have any children, she could not have children. But God had another plan. My mother was completely healed of cancer and not by drugs, by the power of God. She also gave birth to other children. 

    There was great trauma before my birth and my grandmother told the doctors if they didn’t get me out I’d probably die. There was tons of prayer around my birth. I’m here today because of the power of God and prayer. I was born early and without any defects. 

    Since my birth I’ve cheated death over a half dozen times including an incident in childhood where a cousin slammed a glass door on me and the glass went through my arm. I still have the scar. The nearest hospital to our farm was over an hour away. Yet my family believes in the power of God and prayer. My father was able to find a clinic doctor to get the glass shard out of my arm without me bleeding to death. 

    I experienced a near death experience during a routine tonsillectomy. I had an allergic reaction to anesthesia and they didn’t stop the operation. I came out of surgery unable to breath. I woke up hooked up to machines and in a special care unit. My lungs filled with fluid, my resting heartbeat 150 beats per minute, and I was on oxygen. After days in the hospital and seeing so many doctors, they decided to send me home…loaded with meds and tons of appointments to go to. The day they decided to take me off oxygen my mother said, “Do a pulse ox on her.” When they did, I was nowhere near normal. I would’ve died in my sleep. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. 

    Fast forward…I grew tired of the Beta Blockers (heart pills) and all the pills I had to take. You never expect to go in for a routine surgery at 19 and come out sick. I had issues with my heart, my hair begin to fall out, I was exhausted, I would lay awake exhausted from an overworked heart and adrenal system. I cried out to God one day in my car driving away from the doctor. “God I know you’re the Healer. I know you can fix me. I know you can!” With tears streaming down my face, hurt in my heart, and faith bubbling out of my spirit I said to my Father, “If you don’t heal me, I’m going to die, but I refuse to take any more of these pills.” I stopped taking my medication. I don’t recommend anyone doing what I did. I was so desperate and filled with faith.

    I’m delighted to say my heart is great! My doctors say my health is great. There’s only one residual effect of that surgery that I continue to pray for yet it does not negatively impact my life.😊 Thanks Papa God for what Jesus paid for. 

    I told you in a previous post about God saving my life from being trapped in my car under water. 911 never came for me, but Jesus did. My mother prayed for me before the water got up over my head. She prayed the engine would turn over. My engine had already flooded. There was no way it would start under water and already flooded. The pressure of the water kept me from opening the doors. My windows wouldn’t roll down without the car starting. She prayed and said, “Try again.” My car turned over for 60 seconds. Just long enough for me to get out. 

    After that incident I struggled with overwhelming fear whenever I was surrounded by other cars in traffic. I would shake. I would be filled with dread. I went to my pastor for help. He wanted me to go to counseling. I left church feeling defeated. I then went to my Papa. I offered myself before Him. I said, “God I know you’re the Healer, and I’m asking you to free me from this fear.” As I was driving and praying there was an intense warmth that moved the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I never had that sense of overwhelming dread again. 

    I’ve seen Him heal the worst cases including my uncle who was dead…pronounced dead….called dead…without oxygen for a long time and God raised him to life. His doctors were astonished. He’s still alive and calls me to chat. A brain without oxygen for that long should not function. He was pronounced dead. No heartbeat, no brain activity, nothing. 

    I will end with this story. I was in worship one night. Having an amazing time. I’m normally that person having a great time during worship. I get excited! I was doing my thing when I just starting weeping. Weeping went to excessive crying, grief, sorrow, life seemed so pointless. I left worship and entered the women’s room. I began to pray. I didn’t know what else to do. I prayed for about a half hour before the sorrow lifted. I went back to church thinking, “What was that?” 

    Later that week I connected with an old friend. We hadn’t talked in awhile. I asked how she was doing. She told me that Sunday night she was going to commit suicide. She was so overwhelmed with grief and sorrow and life seemed so pointless. I’m not always the sharpest pencil in the box. I did not put two and two together. She said she was overwhelmed by the love of God and couldn’t do it. It was the exact same time I was praying in the bathroom. God saved her life! 

    I could go on for days with the miracles God has performed in my life. Everything from physical healing, emotional healing, financial miracles, divine appointments, and so much more. I could spend even more time talking about the miracles I’ve seen Him perform in others lives; blind eyes opening, deaf ears healed, cancers healed, dead raised, deformities healed, ADHD healed , tumors gone, spines aligned, addictions healed, sexual deviants/preditors delivered, paralyzed healed, fear and anxiety healed, degenerative joints healed . God can do more in a moment than we can in a lifetime. 

    I’ve found that the more I know Him and abide in Him, the more miracles I see. For knowing Him leads to an increase in faith. Faith increases our risk. When we believe God we are bold in prayer. 

    I don’t care how bad it looks. I care what God says about the situation. One word from God changes everything! 

    Father, for every person reading this I ask for an increase in faith. I ask they would listen for Your voice and pray bold prayers. I ask for an uprooting of unbelief and saturation of  truth. Nothing is impossible for You! You are limitless. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen. 

    Transformation (Intimacy with God Part XI)


    I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me,~Galatians 2:20 NIV

    …if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!~2 Corinthians‬ ‭5‬:‭17‬ NIV.

    Transformation as defined by Webster’s dictionary: 

    a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.

    I’m sure if you’re a Christian you’ve heard the phrases, “What would Jesus do in this situation?” or “Act like Jesus.” These are great statements to consider. Yet unless we are born again (saved through faith in Christ) and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we have zero chance of effectively and consistently imitating Jesus. 

    You see we (humans) are powerless in and of ourselves to lead sinless lives. If we could, there would be no need for a Savior. Jesus came to deliver us from the bondage of sin and death.  

    The Holy Spirit comes to empower righteous living and character transformation.

    The old man, pre Christ, is gone…dead…dead…dead. The new creation has come. I’ve heard people say, “Oh, I’m such a wretched sinner…just barely making it by grace.” That’s like a butterfly saying, “I’m just a ugly, belly crawling caterpillar.” Transformation occurred and is occurring.

    Photo above: My butterfly paintings…

    After conversion we are in the process of transformation (santification), being changed into the character likeness of Jesus Christ. Just as infants grow into maturity, the Holy Spirit works in us to continually reveal Jesus and righteousness. 

    I’ve lead discipleship groups for about 5 years now. When people say, “God feels so distant. I don’t have any direction, transformation, peace, love, or joy in my life,” I ask…

    “How much time are you spending with God? Not doing things for Him, being with Him.”

    The answer is normally, “I don’t have time to be with God.” 

    My response, “You can’t afford not to.

    Though I’ve heard people teach it, God will not do everything for us. Nope. He said, “I set before you life and death, choose life. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Put Me first and you will find life.”  

    We have the ability to quench the Holy Spirit, to reject God, to choose sin, and choose to not spend time with God. 

    Life experiences….

    I gave my life to Jesus at age 7. From 7 until 16, I just went to church and tried not to sin. God was good, yet distant (so I thought). I didn’t see radical transformation in my life. I just had the cruise ship Christian mentality…”I’m not going to hell. I will give money and be nice and help some people here and there. Yeah!” I think I led one person to Christ. 

    Age 16 to now. There were so many life changes that really shook me. Something in me wanted to hear God’s voice. When I began to pursue God’s face and His voice, a deeper transformation began to occur. Couple that with years of wilderness experiences and you find yourself enrolled in the school of the Holy Spirit. 

    The more time I spent with God and spend with God, the more His desires and heart become my own. He’s my best friend. I talk to Him and spend more time with Him than anyone else.

    We don’t pick God, He chooses us…oh, to be chosen…

    If I were going to choose someone for ministry, it wouldn’t be me; very introverted, highly analytical, not interested in platforms or being seen, can be overloaded by too much people interaction. I’m a scientist/engineer who’s never been to bible college (just been with God and studying Him for most of my life). 

    God said, “I pick you. Go tell them about My love and demonstrate My love.” I like Moses responded, “Are you serious?” My focus was on who I thought I was, not who He called me to be. I didn’t want to be seen or heard by anyone but God. 

    Out of deep love for God and the deposit of His love into my heart for others, off I went to be a living vessel fully surrendered to His will. 

    God is transforming my character into His likeness. Since 16 there have been so many miracles, God stories, changes, an increase in peace, joy, courage, passion, love, generosity, kindness, even patience and self control…

    As a young person, I rely on Him for wisdom. His thoughts becoming my thoughts.

    As a thinker, I rely on Him for love and compassion. His heart for people becoming my heart for people. 

    God transforms our character through relationship. It’s not about striving to be like Him. It’s about a covenant relationship founded on commitment, love, and intimacy. Just as married people grow to know each other and can represent the other. As we grow through intimacy (knowing) with God, we will represent Him well in the earth. We are transformed into the likeness of His Son. 

    Praying for you! Cheering for you!!! You are so deeply loved (John 3:16). 

    Love in Christ, 

    Erin Lamb



    Building History with God (Intimacy with God Part X)


    I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness,~Jeremiah 31:3. 

    I love reading the stories of people’s relationships with God in His word. One of my favorite passages is actually Hebrews 11. It is called the hall of faith. The passage is long so I won’t post it, yet you can read it here:  Hebrews 11. 

    The people listed in Hebrews 11 have incredible stories with God. They overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles with God. God delivered some from and others through. He drew His people with loving kindness. He established a covenant with His people; one He upheld by His power, love, and provision. 

    I’ve said this many times and will state again, there are things we can only learn about God through experience

    Have you ever done missions? Or a team building exercise? Or gone through a struggle with someone? It knits you together. You learn things about them you would not learn by just reading their bio or even meeting with them for an hour or so once a week. 

    God longs to be known by us. 

    I was in a Bible study fellowship for a few years with a group of passionate young adults. Many of us ended up on a mission in the Amazon Jungle together in Brazil. I thought I knew the people on the team. We met weekly for Bible study. 

    I learned so much about my team and myself those few weeks of traveling in a truck, hiking in 100F weather, handling heat stress, living under banana leaf huts, sleeping in hammocks, bathing in the Amazon River, and being in close proximity. Stories were written down, stories told, intimacy built, laughs had, tears shed, prayers offered, and bonding occurred. 


    I learned new things about God on that trip. He wrote some great things into my story…

    One that I could preach. I could hear from God in an instant for a perfect stranger. I could survive flying home with a partially dislocated hip. I could lead worship in Portguese. Spanish is my second language, Portuguese is my third (so much to learn). I grew in sharing deep parts of my heart with people on my team. It grew me. I had to rely on God fully. It’s a part of my story with God that’s marked with miracles and wonder. 

    God is writing our story with Him.

    He longs for the closest promximity and highest priority in our lives. You see, in heaven it’s all about the Kingdom. There’s no marriage, kids to be had, PTA meetings, bills to pay, singles events…it’s His Kingdom. This life, though it’s not marketed as such, is preparation for what’s to come. The relationship built with God on earth will continue on into eternity. Time on earth is the shortest time we will ever live. The greatest covenant and relationship is with God. 

    What will be the theme of your story? 

    Will it be faith? 

    Will it be love? 

    Will it be overcoming? 

    Will it be the power of Jesus? 

    Will you be known as one who walked closely with God like Enoch? Will you get to heaven and realize many people came to know Jesus because of your faithfulness on earth?

    Will you encounter God not only as Father as a best friend?

    We can learn from others stories and history with God, yet we build our own history with God.  

    I love the way God communicated with Moses. I love God. I love who He is. I love being with Him more than anyone else. I desired greatly as a youth to have continual communication with God. At one point in my walk I told Him, “I want to be like Moses. He met with you face to face (intimately)-Exodus 33:11. Your glory passed over him. You spoke to him through a burning bush.” God’s reply to me was, “I meet with you heart to heart.” 

    We each have our own story with God.

    You see, I am not Moses. We certainly have a better covenant than Moses and the indwelling of the Spirit. My story is my story with God. We meet heart to heart. I’m not a feeler. I’m a thinker. I’m prone to logical/analytical thought patterns and do not rely on feelings for processing. Yet God supernaturally deposits His heart for people into mine. I feel what they feel. I feel what He feels. He moves me through my heart, though my personality is driven to be led by my brain. 

    He’s writing a story marked with His radical, passionate, compassionate, and profound love. It’s also a story marked with His power. I’m alive because of His great power to heal, protect, and perform miracles.

    We each have a unique and divine purpose. We are carved out of the heart and imagination of God. The good times matter, the challenges matter, the struggles matter, the joy matters. We are a part of a greater story, His story. We join the story of God and champion our King! 

    We learn the Book (His word) and allow it to lead us into an encounter with Him. Our greatest need is to know the Author. 

    Every situation an opportunity to deepen intimacy with God. What is He doing? What is He saying? Who in His word has experienced something similar? What is God teaching us? How can we cling to Him and grow to know Him better? 

    Sweet friends, you are so loved, valued, appreciated, significant, and your story matters! You matter to God.  Don’t worry about anything. Pray about everything (talk to and listen to God). One day you’ll look back and smile. Your heart will say, “What a testimony of God’s love, power, and provision.” 

    Whether we believe it or not, God is always working things together for the eventual good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28). 

    Praying for you! 

    Love in Christ,