God Sets You Up to Be Blessed (Saturday Devotion) 

Image Credit: WordSwag, used with permission. 

Saturday Devotion: Divine Alignments and Assignments. 
Don’t miss yours. Ask God, “Why did I meet this person? What are You teaching me? How do I know You more through this situation?” 

I love how God works, most of the time. Sometimes (many times) I am utterly clueless, clinging to faith, and holding His hand through raging seas or uncharted territory. What about you? 

God loves relationship, connection, and He partners with and operates through people; broken people, flawed people, imperfect people. He has a plan and strategy to bless the world.

God is always looking for ways to bring about the greater good. What does not look good or feel good to us does not mean it will not be good. 

Example. One of my old hobbies was ceramics. I love creating. Well, you start out with a slab of not so attractive clay. Then it gets pressed, rolled, twisted…get the air pockets out. If you do not get the air pockets out, your vessel will crack in the fire. Once all the air pockets are out, the vessel shaped and formed, it goes into the fire. Hot! 🔥 


The clay needs cured so it hardens. Otherwise, it will never be able to hold liquid or maintain it’s shape. Once out of the fire, it is painted and set on display. It brings recognition to the artist for their handiwork. We are the clay. God is the Artist. 

I do not believe there are accidents. I believe there are divine appointments, divine strategies to take us from glory to glory, and lessons we are to learn along the way. 

Everything and everyone is not blessing. Some things and people teach us profound lessons. We learn to rely fully on God. We learn His comfort in tragedy, loss, heartbreak. We learn His healing touch in times of sickness or sorrow. We learn who God is if we stay attached to the Vine. And if we remain attached to the Vine, we grow and thrive. Even in the most challenging seasons we can produce abounding fruit. 

So the questions are: 

God who are You? Help us to connect with You. Heart to heart. Spirit to spirit. We desire to truly know You and be one with You. 

God what lessons am I set up to learn through this experience? What truths are you depositing or reaffirming?

God why was this person brought into my life? Why did our paths cross? We can miss a key part of our destiny by simply not paying attention. 

God works through people. I repeat. God works through people. I have met numerous people in my life who prayed for something. God sent me to give it to them and they rejected it because they were expecting an angel to bring it or they were operating in pride, “I do not need this from you,” or fear, “I do not know you, stay back.” Their loss. God shifted and sent me to someone else. 

Who in your life is a divine alignment? A divine connection? A divine circumstance? That person or situation brought you closer to God and His glorious destiny. They were and are an answer to prayer. I would love to hear from you.

You are so deeply loved! 


Erin Lamb 

3 thoughts on “God Sets You Up to Be Blessed (Saturday Devotion) 

  1. Maribel Hernandez says:

    Thank you Erin, wise words and there is truth in all you say here. Even though I have to be real and raw that during the time of me going through whatever it is I’m going through do to meeting this person or that person it sure doesn’t feel good(this example experience) in the aftermath of things I do realize there was a teaching, something got purged out of me, ect….. no accidents, devine assignments as you stated here. I gotta read this again amiga

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