From My Heart to Yours


The reason I began writing was to express my heart to God. I never imagined I would write a book or write for three blogs. Knowing God, not simply knowing about Him, has been my desire since I was a child. God is beyond amazing. I don’t know of anyone worth more devotion or worship. So, here’s the intro from I Thought I Knew What Love Was. I hope it inspires you to dive deeper into the depths of God’s heart. He loves you, and He longs to be with you more than you could ever want to be with Him.

I Thought I Knew What Love Was is a series of poems and reflections about God, about life, and about life with God. Over the years, the view of God has changed. He has broken out of every box in which He was placed. His love transforms all other loves into what they were meant to be. Once we receive His love, we view the love of others so differently. He changes our worldview as we receive more of Him. His love is the foundation for the truest, purest love. His love is the glue that holds all other loves together. His love is the most amazing of all loves. The title of this book should be I Thought I Knew Who Love Was. Love is who God is. It is impossible to understand even a fraction of who He is without first looking at love. Our human love may fail, but God’s love does not fail.

I have found that love is a journey, not a destination. I will never say I have God or love all figured out. Until I meet Him face to face, He will continue to remain a bit mysterious. I also cannot say the love in my heart can even compare to His. I am simply learning day by day how to pour out what He pours in. What I can tell you is that walking with Him is an adventure. He is better than any person I have met. He is kind, compassionate, gracious, a gentleman, truthful, and always seeks our best. He loves justice and truth. He loves people. So if you have not encountered the love of God, I pray these poems speak to you. He loves you. It isn’t based on what you do, or fail to do. He simply loves you. If you invite Him into your heart and into your life, you won’t regret it.

Yes, life will still present challenges, but now you can face them with the most powerful being in the Universe. You will have a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He will bring about the internal changes in your life as you submit your life to Him. The more I grow to know Him, the more I realize that I say, “Yes” and He does all the hard work. I can always depend on Him to provide what is needed.

If you’ve already met Him and invited Him into your heart, I pray you are encouraged to dive in a little further. God wants to wow you. He wants to surprise you. He wants to stand by you. He longs to continue His pursuit of your heart. He never grows tired of being with you. He never wants the flame in your heart for Him to go out.

So here’s to you, the reader. I am praying for you. I hope you will never forget that you are deeply loved.


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