Risen with ALL Power


Photo Credit: Son of God Movie

When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins, having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross,~Col 2:13-15.

It’s Holy Week, the period of time between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday. 

Glorious Jesus! He’s my topic of choice today. Jesus is majestic, holy, awesome, incredible, wonderful…knowing Him is life changing. I could go on and on about Him forever…my bible study blog is focused on the life and teachings of Jesus (The Life & Teachings of Jesus). 

Jesus did not come into the world with a sword and army. He came in humility, love, and power.

He came into the world to save the world. We were once dead in trespasses and sins, helpless to meet the requirements of God’s law. What the law was powerless to do He accomplished on the cross.

Humble beginnings…

He left Paradise and entered the world as a babe. He was fully human. He left a place with no sin, suffering, dying, and complete communion with the Father. He humbled Himself to serve even the worst of sinners. He washed feet. He healed the sick. He served.

People bombarded Jesus with their needs, desires, sickness, wants, and some  with  criticisms. He remained a perfect representation of the Father. He walked in love, humility, and power. 

Giving it all for the Father…all for love…

If you visit churches around the world you will find many with Jesus hanging on a cross. He is bruised, nailed, wearing a crown of thorns. There are no images that accurately depict the suffering of Jesus. His flesh was ripped from His body. It’s graphic, it’s awful; He endured the worst suffering for love. 

Jesus not only suffered physically. He took on our sickness, sin, pain, emotional anguish. He didn’t simply die for all of humanity, He died as us. He became the substitutionary sacrifice for us. The punishment meant for us, He took it upon Himself. He gave His life even for those who will reject Him in the end.  

He was obedient even when His flesh cried out, “Father, I wish for you to take this cup from me, but nevertheless…not my will, your will be done.” 

Have you ever had a Gethsemane moment with God…Where the path He set before you seems as though it will crush all that you are? Your flesh is crying out, “oh please God give me the easy way.” I have. I have had many nights face down before Him, my heart torn and battered. My soul weary and worn. My body tired and unwilling. Yet His grace is sufficient. His strength made perfect in our weakness. My spirit eventually cries out, “Father not my will, your will be done.” It hurts sometimes, yet He’s worth it all. 

I will tell you without the cross there is no crown or glory. There’s a tremendous blessing that comes from obeying God and staying right in His will. It will also cost us greatly. 

The Father didn’t leave Jesus on a cross or in a grave. Jesus rose with ALL power in His hands. He took the keys of death and hell. He took back all the authority given to satan by Adam. Jesus stood victorious and He stands victorious today. The Father invites His children to be reconciled to Him and be partakers in Christ’s inheritance…He gives born again believers authority in Jesus name. 

The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in born again believers. We don’t have a little light that’s shining! We have the Light. The Light who created the heavens and the earth. The Light who spoke the world into being. The Light who created the Universe. The Light who is encamped above the earth. Heaven is His throne and the earth His footstool. We could not find words eloquent or sufficient enough to describe all of who He is. 

Yet He chooses us…me and you to house His Spirit and be partakers of a divine inheritance

Take a moment to ponder the bigness of God. 

What circumstances are you facing right now that need the power of God? What family members need to receive the message of the Gospel? What relationships need reconciling? What diagnosis needs the healing of Jesus? What crisis needs God’s intervention? What situation looks deader than dead or hopeless?

I tell you sweet friends…NOTHING is impossible for God. You may cry. You may not understand. You may feel lonely and abandoned, but God! Insert God into that situation. One of my favorite prayers now is, “Papa, you said when we pray according to your word and will it is established in the heavens. I will stand on your word.” 

God is 100% faithful! 

This side of heaven we will be challenged. But God! We will endure suffering. But God! We will be disappointed. But God! You see, when God is placed in the center…when the finished work of the cross becomes our focus…when we know who our Papa is…when we fully accept God’s unfailing love for us…when we stand on His word…we may cry, but we shall not surely die. Hope and faith rise up within us. 

Jesus is not still hanging on that rugged cross. He got up! 

I speak to the seeds of faith in you, “Rise UP! Faith arise.” If you can believe Jesus was raised from the dead, you can believe for so much more. 

God always stands in victory! If you’re in His will, He’s fighting for you. If you’re not in fellowship with God, come to Jesus. Get right with God. Repent and turn to Him. He’s longing for you! See link for salvation prayer (Salvation Prayer). 

I gave my life to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday at age 7. Best decision ever! He’s radically changed and is changing my life. No regrets about Jesus. My only regrets are the times I’ve spent worrying instead of trusting God and standing on His word. 

Final thoughts…

You are so deeply loved. The value of something is determined by how much someone will pay for it; Jesus gave His life for you. The Father gave His Son. May the rest of your week be flooded with love, joy, peace, hope, goodness, and reflections on what Jesus has already given in His name and what was purchased on the cross: forgiveness, new life, hope, every spiritual blessing in heavenly places, healing, access to the Father, authority in His name, deliverance, joy, comfort, peace, eternal life, and so much more… 

My prayers and love are with you, 

Erin Lamb

Living Water (Source Pinterest)

Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,~Jesus.  


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